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Nikotien Kills

by Rob Cockcroft / 16.09.2011

The premiere screening for Rastaman emcee Nico10 Long’s (read Nikotien long) music video, “Vaderfiguur” and short documentary of the same name as his crew, The Unseen Ones, took place at The Lyric District event at Ragazzi this week.

Following him through the ghetto of the Wesbank/Delft area where he lives, this documentary tells the story of the bleak realities of living in one of Cape Town’s informal settlements. The rapper takes us on a historical journey from his past as a gun clapping Dixie Boy to finding refuge through the message of Rastafari and the music of hip hop, which he believes are intrinsically linked.

The track ‘Vaderfiguur’ – the name says it all- has him promising to his baby girl that “dada sal seker maak dat circumstance beter raak”. Banging drums accompanied by spacey instrumentation provide the backdrop to his inspiring message.

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