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by Tseliso Monaheng / 09.10.2015

It’s been a whole year since we last caught up with Nozuko Mapoma. She wears many titles, but one she’s most proud of – besides being a mom that is – is being Zu from Zuko Collective (ZuCo), a musical army of soldiers resisting the urge to be normal and existing on the edges of society in order to get a clear view of where human beings are headed…

This October, Zu’s readying for the release of her band’s debut album titled ‘Relationtrips’. We hit her up for a short ‘n sweet chat to get what motions she was going through while writing and recording the album…

Tseliso Monaheng: Why did you title the album ‘Relationtrips’?

Zu: Life if is full of different relationships – with nature, with each other, with self and with God. Music is our way of expressing how we feel. Each song describes different feelings and experiences…

How long did it take to record?

About 14 months.

Tell us about your favourite song on the album…

“Letter to my brother” is an emotional offering to the loved ones we have lost. It’s the most emotional piece I have ever sung. Through it, I am repeatedly healed and comforted.

Where can we get our hands on it?

It can be purchased on digital platforms like iTunes as well as at local stores. We ask that people follow us on social media to stay in the loop!

Where can people see Zuko Collective perform next?

We’re kickstarting our launch tour at The Orbit – Home of Jazz in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, on the 25th October.


Have a puff on the Zuko Collective skuif below and watch out for their debut album coming in shap shap…

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*Images © Tseliso Monaheng

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That is so inspiring mtwanami. Your mom should be proud of you. Thanks for holding on til the end. I know it was not easy, you had to part with others; stayed with those who trusted your vision and find new and fresh ones. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SEE YOUR VISION. This is just the beginning, run your race til the end, find people who will strengthen you with their furthers.

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  2. Pristi says:

    I was thrown off by this cainstg change too. I mean, cainstg Dev is definitely a step in the right direction…but it’s not the right answer. I always thought Zuko looked more Chinese/Japanese influenced than Indian, and Dev looks more suited to play the darker-skinned Sokka. I mean, the boy’s even got Sokka’s smile, for crying out loud. If anything, Dev’s cainstg is causing more issues to pop up, and the main thing is exactly what you’ve stated, Derek.WHITE PEOPLE ARE THE HEROES, WHILE BROWN/ASIAN PEOPLE ARE SET TO PLAY THE VILLIANS/EXTRAS.Granted, Zuko is more of an anti-hero later on, but in the first book (which the first movie is based on) he’s an antagonist. Also, you hit another point: if Zuko is Indian, then the entire Royal Family has to at least look like him, otherwise it’s going to be very, VERY awkward on the screen. (And that’s putting it nicely.) This again brings the problem of Asians not being able to play anything other than sidekicks (which Suki is) and villians. Why does the sole token Asian character at this point (who isn’t a bloody extra) have to be Zuko, the primary antagonist of Book 1? Why was Dev given THAT role, when he clearly fits Sokka better? Why has only Zuko been recasted, when Katara and Sokka are clearly darker-skinned and yet are STILL going to be portrayed with white actors? If Paramount is claiming that the four nations are ethinically different, then why hasn’t Aang or (and I mean OR) Katara and Sokka been recasted yet? I believe that, for those who are protesting this cainstg, Paramount has thrown us “a bone”. They gave us ONE token Asian actor in the main cast, and I bet they’re expecting us to THANK THEM and be GRATEFUL for this change. But the problem hasn’t been fixed. As long as Aang and Katara and Sokka are still being portrayed by white people, we can’t stop campaigning because the problem is still there. Either Aang has to be recasted, or Katara AND Sokka have to be recasted with APPROPRIATE minroity actors.

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