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My Little Ponies

My Little Ponies

by Nathan Zeno / 05.05.2009

Under conditions like these it’s easy to be a hater. I guess though, in order for us to be able to say there are good bands and then awesome bands, there have to be bad bands. There is a whole host of other categories but the one that haunts me is that of the average band that could be good if they just paid attention to the music. The Magic of Pegasus are fun and frivolous pixies who command the stage and confound the audience, more like disco MC’s than an actual band, they are not ashamed or afraid of who they are and how they show it. I think they’re fantastic, but I wouldn’t want to listen to their CD. Shirtless and teenage skinny they throw themselves around like baby Dave Gahan’s and refer to the audience as “You Guys”, mocking, self referential and so cute you want to put them in your pocket and take them home, Without their music. What they play now sounds like a mix of Fischerspooners second album with The Human League’s last, filtered through a Springbok Hits record. The deceptive things about The MOP is that you get caught up in the energy, the fun of it that you hardly notice. That’s fine for me on a night out, that’s not fine for The Magic of Pegasus if they want to stick around.

If I was in a band I would want to emulate my hero’s. And I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And probably no one in this crowd has heard of The Arctic Monkeys, so The Plastics do okay. Falling into the dangerous end of the category are The Plastics. It’s not so much that most of there songs sound like “I Bet You Look Good On The Dance-floor”, although that is a problem, it’s that they are delivered in Sheffield accent that mostly confuses me. The use of Fake Voice is one I could write volumes on, suffice to say it communicates to me that the band is not comfortable in their skin. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe they’re too comfortable. The Plastics sure seem comfortable as the lead singer does stage eye rolls and works his borrowed stance. The Guitarist (or bass guitarist, wasn’t paying attention) works his furry hat. The uncomfortability of The Plastics is further highlighted as he continues Sheffield voice in the speaking bits, as he compliments the guy in the audience’s ‘fro, I realise that the difference between The Plastics and The Magic of Pegasus is simply one of confidence. The Plastics are a new band that seems unsure, The Magic of Pegasus seem sure. But they are both new bands and musically have some growing to do. Hopefully they do, because even though for each there is a reason to watch them, some genuine, some ironic, neither of them are at this point, for me, listenable.

pic: The Plastics, credit Dain Withani

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hate it when SA bands simply imitate “international” bands to try sound more “international”…
    Its pathetic.

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  2. it the seame world over says:

    I think you will find that it’s not just SA bands that imitate, it’s done everywhere, we just don’t get exposed to the 90% average section of international music. I think the secret to originality in any art form is about confidence. If you love yourself and your art you will shine and it will have truth and will be unique. Who ia in control when you are on stage, your ego or your authentic reative spirit. However, this is a fucking hard thing to achieve and I take my hat off to all those that try.

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