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My Faith in War

by Roger Young / 30.09.2009

My Faith In War is part prog rock opera and part seventies superhero TV show chase sequence with a bit of Daniel Day-Lewis film soundtrack thrown in. Which is to say that if you’re a KIDOFDOOM fan you will not be disappointed. But if you haven’t yet been able to access them ,this album will not change that.

Opening with ‘Notāre’, it’s dense like a hornet attack at a Café del Mar party on too much acid at sunrise. It’s chuggy and dirty and a whole lot of fuck yeah. It shifts slowly through the first part of the album, somehow more moody, more thoughtful than previous work, but by the time ‘Gotham City’ hits it’s obvious that KIDOFDOOM have not lost their playful edge – the deep need to just rock out. ‘Sociallight’ is a hyperdrive space ship on a Battlestar Galactica of a track.

Tracks like ‘Wormwood’, ‘The Voyeur’ and ‘Gotham (reprise)’ temper the denser tracks such as ‘Architect of the Universe’, which moves through a wall of guitar to acoustic to an assault of drums and noise. But essentially it’s almost foolish to try break MFIW down into parts. The beauty (and part of that beauty is that it’s sometimes inaccessible) of KIDOFDOOM is that they have always been more than the sum of their parts – more than a band and somehow an experience. MFIW is definitely an album as opposed to a collection of songs; it’s a journey that feels at first daunting but is over way too soon.

Part of KIDOFDOOM’s appeal is the way they rock out live, playing the audience like another instrument. On MFIW they bring that live energy to a complex voyage and although I’m sure they’ll remain obscure to a fair chunk of people, MFIW is a bold step forward.

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