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Love is a Mizer

by Lize Kay / 18.08.2009

Ever since they played our gig for free to raise funds and boards for the Mahala Surf Co., we’ve held a soft spot in our dark little hearts for the City Bowl Mizers. And it’s not often we are graced with the presence of Durban bands in Stellenbosch. So when I heard that the City Bowl Mizers would be playing, I knew I had to go, and apparently everyone else in Stellenbosch shared my thoughts on this chilly Thursday night.

Bohemia may be my second home, but I must admit I have never rated it very highly as a venue for live music- the stage is small, the place gets too crowded and generally it hosts the same sub-standard bands week in and week out. But this time I had to swallow my words because Bohemia hosted a band that did not play a full set of covers, and they pulled the gig off well – sound, lighting and the general vibe were all superb. While this national heritage site is almost always well occupied, Thursday night was bursting at the seams. One of many a student jostling to get to the front of the stage, the excitement was palpable. And then we went wild. It was a sort of an ecstasy paradise, where, for a short while, everyone forgot about tests and deadlines, or the greater problems of the world. It was a bouquet made up entirely of smiles, dance moves and sing-alongs.

The City Bowl Mizers’ music shouldn’t to be tied to a chair with a rope and beaten to find out what it really means. Rather than attempt to analyse their sound, breaking it down into compartments and boxing it in a neatly defined genre, it’s better to just rock up and let your body work it all out on the dancefloor. Their pop ‘n roll dance tunes are simple, but packed with exuberance. There is more than enough energy going around on stage, and the crowd responds with palpable excitement for what they do. So don’t go there with a hose in hand ready to torture a confession out of it. All you have to do is dance, smile and enjoy.

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