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Cashtime Fam

It’s Cashtime!

by Levi Letsoko / 09.05.2012

While everybody was cheering rapper AKA on his Victory Lap, a new phenomenon was secretly bubbling under the wraps of the Teargas trio’s mentorship – in the form of CashTime Fam. Made up of the Teargas trio along with new kids on the block Kid X, Smashis and AB Crazy. Kid X is the hard rapping street smart part of the crew, he’s the strictly rap no-nonsense dude. The second member Smashis, is the ladies man, the female crowd-puller and check-my-swag rap kid. And AB Crazy, well he’s the all-rounder.

K.O, one third of Teargas, is impressed with the impact that Cashtime has made thus far in such a short space of time. “Apart from the music itself, we have managed to influence the culture in different ways.” He says. “Cashtime lingo can be heard across the streets of Mzansi! For us, we are still building and we believe by the end of 2012 Cashtime will be synonymous with SA hip hop.”

With numerous accolades to prove it, Teargas is undoubtedly one of the best crews to learn from in terms of creative direction in SA hip hop. Especially after a successful two year campaign with their last chart topping album Dark Or Blue.

“I’ve learnt that beyond the music, you also need to get familiar with the business acumen of this game.” Says Kid X. “Timing is everything and every detail can be the difference between success and failure.”
“I’ve learnt to take my craft more seriously and to respect those I work with.” He enthuses. “Talent is important but there is no replacement for hard work.”

“There is no question about it.” Smashis jumps in. “Teargas are the best in the game right now, they’ve figured out a working formula.”

The crew has had three very successful hit singles in terms of airplay and audience response.

The first was the pop-sounding record, “Number 1”, featuring former member Aby Fab and Molly. The song gained momentum rapidly featuring dudes in Airmaxes and ladies in red-bottoms being honest about their feelings for each other.

The second single “Goodbye” followed on where “Number 1″ left off, and managed to showcase the diversity of styles in the Cashtime Fam. The emotionally charged song became something of an anthem across the country, with AB Crazy doing something soulfully crazy with the hook.

And while it’s not necessarily a new sound, Cashtime definitely brought a fresh flavour to R&B inspired hip hop, compared to what has been served recently.

“The industry in SA had become repetitive in terms of the artists that release hip hop music! Only a handful are releasing a consistent flow of work.” says Smashis, before blowing his own horn. “Not only are we the new kids on the block we are the freshest!”

But just as things were looking up for the group, AB Crazy, the third pillar and one of the central artistic presences in the fam, waved goodbye just days before the video shoot of their third single “Shut It Down” citing creative differences and personal goals as the main reasons for the split.

“AB Crazy felt that he can accomplish more as a solo artist.” Says KO. “We felt none of these guys were ready for that, at the time. But we didn’t want to hold him back. And there’s no bad blood!”

And while Teargas is currently in studio cooking up their next album Num8er, Num8er! there are plans for an untitled mixtape from Cashtime, to coincide with that release.

And then Cashtime recently dropped the video for their latest single “Shut it down (Stundee)”, which is on heavy circulation on MTV Base and other platforms.

“The video is a collage of visuals of us in the gritty streets of Alexandra with some famous friends of ours.” Says KO. “As well as snazzy shots of the entire Fam performing at a dingy warehouse in downtown Jhb.”

Three singles later, Cashtime’s debut album Now or Never, seems like a decent effort from both a creative and a commercial view point. But only time will tell if the Fam has the same kind of staying power as their cousins Teargas!

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  1. Don Dada says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Boring!

    if you want that real shit, then listen to Driemanksap, Rattex and Isaac Mutant and Hemelbesem instead of these punk bitches.

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  2. Jeffrey says:

    No, no, no this is bullshit, Cashtime fam sounds exactly like Young Money, Teargas is nothing original, you might as well write an article about AKA or Da Les, there’s nothing special here

    Thumb up8   Thumb down 14

  3. DontTestLordFinesse says:

    Fuck CashTime fam, They don’t represent any part of Hip Hop, calling them hip hop makes me cringe, none of them are dope nor do they write good shit. I really love Hip Hop and my heart breaks when I see Cashtime being pumped up by the media tellin em they the new hot shit, these guys do nothing new, its the same type of bullshit music that’s made by Gucci Mane and Pretty Ricky, FUCK CASHTIME FAM

    Thumb up2   Thumb down 17

  4. Gucci_fab says:

    Why are ya’ll hating so much though I mean just because ya’ll don’t like it doesn’t necessarily mean that its whack as you so eloquently put it.

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  5. Jaz says:

    Broke ass rappers are the biggest haters.

    Thumb up19   Thumb down 2

  6. Levi Letsoko says:

    Never let politics destroy a great lesson – whether you learn what to do or what not to do!

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  7. skido from rusty dizy says:

    fuck all u hating cashtime fam….yal bitchz niggaz u aint shit …..if u thnk u the shit…go stryt to toilet BITCH

    Thumb up10   Thumb down 1

  8. bongz says:

    i feel Aby fab and AB crazy were the only dudes that brought something new and fresh to the group otherwise the other 2 r jst trying 2 hard and hey sound the same

    Thumb up11   Thumb down 4

  9. brizzle says:

    I aint hating or anything but i agree wid wat bongz says, they sound tha same. nothing new

    Thumb up1   Thumb down 4

  10. jessica ratiro says:

    I think Cashtime is a very good group,I really like their music.They make me wanna listen to South African music again. I say they should carry on with what they are doing.

    Thumb up7   Thumb down 3

  11. teema dlamini says:

    yoohh im so inlove with yol… but Smashis yooo ya nidta cun to Swaziland we got business to do… I LOVE YOU SMASHIEEEE

    Thumb up5   Thumb down 1

  12. shady pedant says:

    Cashtime fam are the best in SA with or without Ab they still gon’ do it,and Teargas yall can hate but this is the best group in Africa….go Smashis and KO and the team overall they takin’ over

    Thumb up6   Thumb down 2

  13. cashtime gal says:

    i think this group is stundee and will forever be stundee…fyi failures are the greatest haters so i dont know bout you but i know bout me and i love this group to bits…all their songs are 2 daym dope,they are the shit *smashies is so daym fym,ab is a lyrical miracle,ko has the best of both worlds what next but an applaud*clap clap clap clap etc n

    Thumb up3   Thumb down 1

  14. All says:

    Yes yah! Ey bitches stop being star born! Wtf? Dnt ya all have something better to say? 1st of y a u fighting? Stupid gay fucks arguein abt cash time.eyo check me out on kay e’s single…still baking sum cold xit 4 yo dirty ears.NDOFIRE! More fire!

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 1

  15. Anonymous says:

    cashtime fucken sucks they all look like my penis especially da les that guy has big ears his music is shit aka is shit niga woprks so hard and sells 4000 copies these team really shit

    Thumb up1   Thumb down 5

  16. Ph says:

    y cant we appreciate our own music? The same ppl trying to suppress wt cashtime does is the same ppl hu jump at every hit MMG or YMCMB releases. Give credit wer it is due, these bradas are doing smthn gr8 and if luk lyk failures to al of u, they stil hav time. Nna personally ke nagana gore majita a ba blind. Lts nt compare the AKAs, Da Les, Tido, Pro, or whoever, bt lets stay united and be proud that our music is growing( by the way this is the reason why nigerians conquer, they hav support from their ppl). Cashtime e ntswembu copy that!

    Thumb up5   Thumb down 1

  17. Anonymous says:

    well yal people are haters cash time is da ish, irreagardless of what yal niggas say and think, yal know jack, so stop blabbing

    Thumb up1   Thumb down 3

  18. T.H.U.S.K.E says:

    Thanx PH,CASHTIME rockz big time guys,these dudez have more experience on what their doing.these guys hate CTF as if they can do better,so letz stop hating our SA HIP HOP and lets praise them tu

    Thumb up1   Thumb down 1

  19. Anonymous says:

    Yaw guys ar duin wel n ah lov ur music…especialy da trckx ‘we shut it down’ n numba 1…coz vele u ma numba eish latlatsa maan…

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  20. Nhlakanipho knight Temple says:

    Look This cash time thing is honestly Nonsense, they can suck a dick all I care, they’re weak they’re not representing the culture of hip hop.

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  21. mpho says:

    I’m sorry to say but cashtime is real fresh and they are real niggaz! If hip hop culture is stupid simple music then I’ll agree with you, “they have no hip hop culture”! CTF brings a new fresh dynamic to hip hop and can’t be compared to American artists! I’m really sorry for you if you think they suck, reality check they are damn good and their music has an actual message eg) Goodbye! Listen to the flow and how they change up the languages and then tell me they suck or nothing special! Real SA hip hop, not trying to be American and that’s why I love CTF!!

    Thumb up3   Thumb down 0

  22. cjebar frm k1 says:

    U knw wat,cashtime fam makes gud quality music,so u can hate if u wana or if u think u r more gifted than them,y r u still broke n unknown? Don’t hate on other niggaz success just get yo hustle ryt n get airplay,gigs n awards den u can complain,so don’t hate if u r broke n skill less…nxa

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  23. Jiggsaw says:

    You finna hear da kid smashis and x onda fullclip and keep in mind if you never been onda fullclip you aint been that sick…and anada gee bringz up driemanskap?!? Fuck dat gee hear shezi from deep soweto/red eye soldier personally knw these geez sick as ever…smashis and X are cashtime and they are comercial hip hop..can’t compare em to L-tido nogal…different rap styles like comparing ross and meek mill?!?…
    Cashtime ya chisa!!

    Thumb up1   Thumb down 0

  24. FlowSoSick says:

    If Cashtime Fam are as bad as you say, why can’t you at least show us something better as an alternative. criticism is nothing if you won’t offer a solution. this is world class quality, you can tell they put in a lot of effort . an what part of zulu even sounds american? this is how the hip hop has evolved nowadays, there’s different types. Deal with it!

    Thumb up1   Thumb down 0

  25. Anonymous says:

    Tru dat FlowSoSick… Ay mense support local music and stop hating!!…

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  26. Anonymous says:

    I luv u guyz keep it up kid x i luv u so much an smashies be my boo

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 1

  27. Bhubezi says:

    Fuck You Cashtime Hatters! Cashtime coming with a bang have you heard Kid X,s flow and smashis Is more intellectual dan Most of you fucks hattin on em and to dat lil nikkah saying da les is cashtime…lol Reading skills baba the article says nun bwt da les why Say hez cashtime nxl…Cashtime or Die baba!

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  28. slap d says:

    Guys guys stop the Cashtime hatin the guys ar gud and u knw it…..Am a big Ab crazy fan the own is Gud bt stil i thnk he made the right choice bt stil i thnk he rushd goin into solo

    Thumb up1   Thumb down 0

  29. Philani says:

    Cashtime is gud, but with the absence of AB CRAZY….this group will sound exactly as teargas…I cnt wait to hear their next project, AB produced goodbye, get down(part 2), till the end! so without him…I dnt think they can make it! *juss being honest*

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 1

  30. FlowSoSick says:

    Philani, you’re right. i get what you mean. AB was a very key asset to Cashtime fam, it’s a pity they let him go. He by far had the most creativity. But then again, something tells me not to throw in the towel on them yet. Kid X is a lyrical powerhouse, and i think Smashis has the momentum to pull through. Only time can tell

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  31. Cebo says:

    Chashtime is good not great they still have to work harder so they can come out from K.O’s shadow, nd all those talking about AKA dat guy is trying so hard to be south african Drake nd his a bitter not a writter, his bin doing this for a long time he must sound a bit original. Teargas is da best nd i feel tukza is da strongest member of da group his original , K.O is okay if he wloud stop being “K.eezo” nd be K.O leave dose lili waynes flows alone, ma’E is wack full stop.

    Thumb up1   Thumb down 1

  32. Ph says:

    agree wth u Cebo on the k eezo issue, its embarrassing wen i hear it.

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 0

  33. KOPANO says:

    this group is the best in SA with or whithout AB Crazy. you haters are just jealous, how can you tell me about da les, that dude’s
    lines sucks, trust me

    Thumb up1   Thumb down 0

  34. smashis BBe says:

    To be honest i think thy are GREAT no matter wat u HATERS think and girls please forget about smashis his taken

    Thumb up1   Thumb down 0

  35. bhood says:

    dopest boys in mzansi

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  36. Anonymous says:

    yall bitchies stop hatin. teagas rocks if u hating suck my dick

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 2

  37. Anonymous says:

    or eat the shit bitchies

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 1

  38. smashis BBe says:

    did you guys hear the cashtime fam new track nobody you’ll better love it cuz my bbe is rocking on dat track

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 2

  39. subz says:

    guyz stop hatin…cashtime fam rocks wth or wthout ab crazy bt big up to ab crazy for hit track homecoming…marvolous one

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 0

  40. Budha Pest says:

    These boys are ayt. That Kid X is vicious on the mic, listen to some of his mixtape material, dating back to the times when his tracks dominated and held down the Number 1 spot on the YFM hip hop hot 9@9, Smashis is a cool and talented rapper, heard him a couple of times on Y FM fullclip. With the marketing strategy that Teargas has, it’s not a wonder that Cashtime fam is recognised by the commercial market. Phela remember, Teargas came out and they been releasing some tracks which we would normally not classify as hip-hop, but remember cats, these cats also gotta put food on the table, so if it means they release “hit tracks” liked by everybody, than so be it. In a nutt shell, Teargas are good when it comes to marketing and CashTime fam, being Kid X and Smashis are a good crew. It’s a pitty AB Crazy is not part anymore, but hey, everything happens for a reason. Don’t hate, celebrate, don’t descriminate, congratulate! 1

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  41. venda warrior says:

    I think as africans we need to support each other on our music like wat the state guys do,I’m very proud of our artist

    Thumb up1   Thumb down 0

  42. spark says:

    Lol lol all haters go shove it!!!!!!!cashtime fam is here to make history if you lames think they arnt the iesh then I guess you can do a better job then they are doin so y arnt you @ their level that they are in they be gettin it u be at home sittin droppin versus for nothin coz u wnt make it hatin on cashtime!!!!!!!! CTF all day….

    Thumb up1   Thumb down 0

  43. Dj click says:

    Cashtime rocks..dope beats,KO keep it up wit ur dope flows especially track 5 on da new album ‘now or evr’…..

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 0

  44. Anonymous says:

    Only AB Crazy was the shit

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  45. lil says:

    Only AB Crazy was the shit

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  46. Yella B says:

    Fuck yall btchz who h8 cashtime atleast thy makng sm cheez wt their good music…fuck ab crazy hz a wack btch if hz dop y he dnt go at YFm n hear wt he got……granny fuckerz

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 0

  47. fb=Portia Bharloyi @por_shah says:

    Uhmmm I really like the cashtime fam group.I really think it was suipd of abcrazy to leave the group look at him now his outdated im not trying to be rude or anything but smashee nd kid-X are better of without him. You guys did an awesome but haay goodluck guys im your biggest fam…watch out for me guys POSH LA BHAR will be in the industry

    Thumb up1   Thumb down 0


    Ehhhh as an hip hop follower …A.B CRAZY .UBLIND but not 2say he can be able 2release an ulbum alone……ahhh ubhayzile…CASHTIME..what 2say iblind dat team 2much as a growing one…TEARGAS the best ever hip hop group in MZANSI…BELIV IT OR NOT K.IZZO IS OMONG DE BEST 5 IN DE COUNRTY …ntikza nama E dei a de same lyk zakwe….etc …CASH TIME ARE COMING WT AN INCREASING SPEED…..K.O SKHOTHANE SE RAPE ..

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  49. illest says:

    ones opinion matters. This is not something to debate about, or argue about. Dem’ haters should put this into consideration that not all of our south african artist must rap like lil wayne or Drake, Or any other American rapper/artist. Let’s rather accept what our rappers give and let’s not compare mzansi to america. If you say such offensive words to who make an effort to deliver then maybe you have something better.

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  50. Anonymous says:

    Awaaaaa dopest rapper in S.A L-tido stl run da game..f u check bst rapper ol ovr da world .only 1 S.A lovelakh L-tido nmbr 64 ol ovr da world..

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 0

  51. T-BONE says:

    Yeeeeee L-TIDO s da bst homie.h s da bst bst ovroll lyk a jumper L-tido s dope fck AKA .L-tido rapper lyk american rapper n AKA congo rappers n niger..I cnt hear h rapper.. L-tido represent mzansi..dopeeeeee kill ds niggers L-tido

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  52. Anonymous says:

    cashtime fam is the best thing to come out of SA. My favourite one is Da KidX, love him.

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  53. Anonymous says:

    Cashtime fam is the best thing to come out of SA. My favourite one is Da KidX, that guy can rap, love him.

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  54. ill maniaque says:

    phuq all you lamesz that be dissing cashtime fam…middle fingers

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  55. Anonymous says:

    Big up 2 kid x, ko, ma-e, smashis n ntukza their are doing a great job bt a little advice never 4get where u guyz frm n the fans who luv u!!!

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  56. candy lips says:

    Big up 2 kid x, ko, ma-e, smashis n ntukza their are doing a great job bt a little advice never 4get where u guyz frm n the fans who luv u!!!

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 1

  57. lenyora says:

    Cash Time le di ntja bafana baka, K.O wena o fariki sanie I relly feel ur panch lines ( No GOOD ) 100 % mmnadi ,thanx 4 Tearges 2 developing KID X ,nd Cash Time crew.(Y le jella K.O mona(jealousy)

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  58. Charloh says:

    I want 2 say you guyz rock, keep it up even if ab crazy is not part of the group you can still make it.i luv the cara cara song kid x uyandonwabisa boy

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 0

  59. Charloh says:

    Akwande guyz nani niyaz phantela u wan’t to put food etafuleni.Nna ke nagana gore u guyz can do dis on ur own bcoz u get every support u guyz need 4rom ur fans.oll doz who luv ur muziq ngithi shut out to dem simunye. #u guyz rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 0

  60. Charloh says:

    Bare every thing has it own tym dedelani igazi into yenu izokwenzeka no matter what dey cay about you hlalan ethembeni

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  61. MsCANDY says:

    U know we all have our own taste n hiphop aint jus 1Genre, it has all these Sub-types. CashTimeFam aint underground hiphop THEY COMMERCIAL, IM TALKIN FEEL-GOOD-MUSIC YEAH!!
    Local hiphop has escalated esp. in this year 2014 so,
    Qubula z’yasha! qubula z’yasha!
    kleva yeah you know the deal
    *thina so hlal sin’supporta!

    #dont hate, APPRECIATE!!

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  62. Hot.k says:

    I am so in love with CTF music u guys r all dope bt so much luv 4 kid x this guy can rap we r expecting a new album frm Cashtime Fam

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  63. Nick James (Tee-Jay) says:

    All of you guys hatin on CashTime, are a bunch of squares, but hey everyone is entitled to their opinion. You guys are so used to American Hip Hop that you desperatelly want SA Hip Hop to sound exactly like American Hip Hop. If it was YMCMB or MMG or SHADY RECORDS, you would jump on your feet, in SA we’re diverse and unique. It’s called New Age Kwaito, listen to the sound that SA Hip Hop has evolved to. Support local Music to grow your Country’s economy, or just shut da front door!!!

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  64. Nick James (Tee-Jay) says:

    All of you guys hatin on CashTime, are a bunch of squares, but hey everyone is entitled to their opinion. You guys are so used to American Hip Hop that you so desperatelly want SA Hip Hop to sound exactly like American Hip Hop. If it was YMCMB or MMG or SHADY RECORDS, you would jump on your feet, in SA we’re diverse and unique. It’s called New Age Kwaito, listen to the sound that SA Hip Hop has evolved to. Support local Music to grow your Country’s economy, or just shut da front door!!!

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  65. Mdura says:

    Music tey give FIRE Big up Niggas kudala sulindele umgculo wenu Cashtime fam 4lyf

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  66. Sam-O says:

    As much as this is hip hop music its business too money is the motive…Don Dada ur and a few that criticized along with you yall all dumb fucks, interms of accomplishments what has Driemanskaap accomplished yes Rapwise they good but they as broke as your comment sounds yall fools…fact that yall don’t like Cash time Fam don’t mean its whack fuuuckin haters mxm

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  67. #1 Cashtime Fan!!! says:

    Hahah where are all em haters now??? Mxm Cashtime is the ish!! Really miss the old Cashtime Fam/Life and the dope hip hop they used to produce!!… Not this new skhanda crap…but oh well….

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 0

  68. Missy says:

    Make something out of urself n let us c hw gud u r instead of bing a stupid bicth nigger. Thumbs up for south african artist u guys r dope. fuck the haters u cn kiss my ass

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  69. Lil hendry says:

    Guys iv read al ur commnts bt honestly lets stop critizzng cash tyme crew…i love cash time music..n ko hes my role model..lets supprt CASH TIME MUSIC..IF UR A REAL NIGGAR UL LOVE UR DOPE MUSIC,,BESD CASH TIME WIL GO ON WTHT AB CRAZY.

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  70. Lil hendry says:

    This boys their doing bttr…evn due if dey can rplc ab crzy by ndukze their music wil stil rock as hell….fuck dose woe hade dope music..CASH TIME UR MY NUMBER 1

    Thumb up1   Thumb down 0

  71. Kim Mandla Shumba says:

    all the cash time crew u rck ma wrld i also like it wen KO raps

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 0

  72. K.V.L says:

    Ab crazy with his golden voice,,its not the same without him but am still a big fan of Cashtime!

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  73. Latrell travis potter says:

    Ey yow cash time fam.. new kid on the block doing hip hop, got what it takes I’d like to know how to join you guys, as in the record deal…

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  74. cash music reppers percy and honey says:

    My name repper is lil pro and my friend name is lil kid, we’ve been trying hard to succied our rap music and our dreams is to join cash time becouse we can do the rap, and we the best reppes, so with all of my heart i want you cash time to accept us plz we can make it to the top with you and our rap game , and since i was a kid, i used to pray and rapping hard becouse i wanted to join you guys, so plz think about it and let us knwo the answer

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  75. Bafana says:

    Come on guyz,y can’t u all think…can’t u see tht K.O is the man bringing cashtime back 2 life? Nxa ai maan fuck off 2 those who support boyzin bucks

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  76. Unati Tutani says:

    I would like to know if you have any artist available on the 14,15,16 December 2016
    Kind Regards
    ”Unati Tutani

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