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J'ai tue ma mere

I Killed My Mother

by Bianca Fernandes / 30.10.2010

If you don’t relate to this French indie-style drama than unfortunately it seems you missed out on the horrific growing pains of being a hormone-filled teenager and everything that led up to who you are today.

A 16 year old French youngster is gay, but that is the least of his issues. Cold and misunderstood, his awkward family life with his single mother and non-existent father bring this young artist to absolute breaking point over and over again with sudden turns in the plot where the only thing left to say is “Fuck, I know what that’s like.”

The seemingly familiar emotional scenes keep your eyes wide open and even if you don’t understand French it seems as if we all do. A perfectly exaggerated view of teenage anger, depression and abuse that comes hand in hand with growing up with scenes of rage that scare you and make you wonder how you got through it all.

Whoever you are, it takes you back to a time where your parent/s were your biggest threat and imagining them dead was one of the ups and downs of your angsty day. A beautifully dramatic and honest portrayal of the indifference of parents and the void of connection and alienation. In so many ways art imitates life as this piece of work is pretty much as close as you get to film-making perfection.

When you feel like you’re as mature as you’ll ever be but the one thing holding you back are the people that love you the most.

*Directed by Xavier Dolan, the film runs for 96 minutes in French language with English subtitles.

**See it tonight the 30th in JHB at 7 pm at Nu metro Hype Park.

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    then, not than –

    “If you don’t relate to this French indie-style drama than unfortunately”

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