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Graeme Newlove, Magic of Pegasus

Homo-Boy From Outer Space

by Johann M Smith, Images by Leon Visser and Matthew Schnetler / 01.04.2011

Who is Graeme Newlove? You know, the guy from camp Cape Town indie rock humourists, The Magic of Pegasus. But more to the point, who the fuck does Graeme Newlove think he is? Firstly, he’s not who you think he is. But that can be said of many wannabe artist hipsters. Let’s try some anecdotal Graeme Newlove trivia to set this up. Before every gig, Graeme makes his fellow band members snort pink Nesquik just for amusement. The feeling, I’ve been told, is not pleasant. He’s a primary school teacher. Recently some of his students found a fabulous picture of him and Sean la Bang, the Magic of Pegasus bassist, guitarist and sparring-partner, in a bathtub together. No parents have complained, yet. When Magic of Pegasus were invited to Splashy Fen a few years back, three band members upped and left and Graeme wrote a whole new set on the trip down.

Magic of Pegasus recently received a legal threat from an Australian band called Pegazus. Graeme is yet to reply. He pitches up for the interview sans glitter. He looks quite normal. Shorts and a wifebeater vest. The only thing that gives his disguise away is chipped turquoise nail polish.

Magic of Pegasus

Many have seen Magic of Pegasus and thought what is this fudge packing, nancy boy, vicar in a tutu doing? Music critic Jon Monsoon thinks they’re pretty good. While Mahala’s resident evil, Roger Young was harder to please, kicking off his review with this sodomite of a sentence.
“Thinking that you’ve just discovered androgyny is not an excuse to make tinny Facebook victim pop.”

Mahala: By the time people read this you would have probably started another band. Why not just commit to one?

Graeme Newlove: Sean la Bang and I love performing. And we express ourselves with different projects.

Surely performing shouldn’t be the only thing?

The music industry doesn’t exist. Everyone pretends it does. We’re not into playing as a band. We just like being on stage. Isn’t that enough? And because I can. You can do anything, people forget that. I don’t like staying in one place for too long and I suffer from insomnia. So, when I have a new band I have something exciting to do. Besides, the first three months is the honeymoon period for any band. Everything is possible.

Are you and Sean in a relationship?

Does it matter?

You’ve gotten into quite a lot trouble for wearing skin tight glitter suits and sticking your tongue down Sean’s throat on stage.

We were on tour in PE and in this joint with no stage. A big guy walked up to the mic and killed his cigarette on my chest. We’ve been called faggot, queer and all the text book homosexual names. But it’s not all bad. After a gig in Durban some kind folks invited us to lunch and made us special Magic of Pegasus necklaces.

Graeme Newlove

I am surprised at how calm and friendly you are. No sarcasm intended.


Well, you’re not trying to be cool. In fact you’re not. You’re just nice. Do you feel like a failed enigma?

No. I don’t care. I am not Nikhil Singh.

I’ve seen you at Wild Eyes gigs. Do you ever take down notes?

Subconsciously we all steal what we like. Also, it’s not a bad place to steal from.

List all the bands you’ve started in chronological order.

Doppler Effect, Magic of Pegasus, Sonny Horror, Prizes for Tigers, Michael Jackson is Dead, The Gaspers and Fannyboy. Oh and Skanking Nelson, my first band in 2001/2. That was in the good days of Purple Turtle when Francois van Coke and Wynand Myburgh were still on sound.

I heard the same from The Plastics. How are they as sound guys?


You have quite a following in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. Do people ever come up to you and ask if you want to start a band?

Surprisingly, no.

Can we start a band?

Sure. What do you play?

Drums. But I am not snorting Nesquik.

Then there’s no chance.

Graeme Newlove

So there you have it. If your aim is to shock and entertain, you could do a lot worse than being an ADD, cross-dressing, closet homo internet sex meme who snorts Nesquik, teaches children and makes music that causes several manly members of conservative audiences treat him like an ashtray. If Graeme Newlove was less original he’d probably just default to racism, like Steve Hofmeyr and Julius Malema.

Graeme Newlove

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  1. Lizzy says:

    Do you feel like a failed enigma?
    No. I don’t care. I am not Nikhil Singh.

    Ha ha ha ha! brilliant!

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  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a good write up of an excruciatingly self-obsessed, attention-seeking whore of a musician. Fuck Graeme Newlove. He’s been giving fags a bad name since god knows when.

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  3. Calatz says:

    I love the no swearing placards shit in the school picture.

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  4. xxxxxxxx.x says:

    Saw these guys in Durban couple years ago – thought they were quite out there in a kind of nancy-pants-glitter&nailpolish way but you have to respect their dedication!

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  5. Anonymous says:

    are the magic of pegasus still playing live shows????? I heard they broke up and that they hate each other now. I’d still do graeme newlove even if he is a self-obsessed postitute glitter faggot

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  6. Tom says:

    I think that I’m in love.

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  7. What a clever, unique and open minded write up. I never knew any of this.

    P.S. The Nesquick snorting off Graeme’s cigarette-scarred chest ritual is a a real treat.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    I like these pseudo-caustic interviews. But. What I would really like to know is..do male celebrities have bigger than avergae cocks? Maybe slip that Q into the mix. You might find some form of correlation…?

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  9. Anonymous says:

    even average….

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  10. tim lester says:

    yeah . . pseudo sarcastic . . nice one Johann M Smith . . thats a piece for the portfolio man . . question I have . . who the fuck is this Johann dude . . he’s definitely no musician . . he’s just concerned with writing an edgy, semi offensive piece of writing that makes mahala go “hey, we like that, we’ll get some nice fire on the comment boards” . . but its the same bullshit . . sometimes I wonder how much these writers actually care about journalism, or if its all just to get reactions out of people. take note, the actual editorial in this article just takes the opportunity to just be insulting?

    “closet homo internet sex meme who snorts Nesquik”
    “If Graeme Newlove was less original he’d probably just default to racism, like Steve Hofmeyr and Julius Malema.”
    “wannabe artist hipster”

    notice the complete lack of any kind of quality in this writing . . I thought Mahala was more than just a juvenile forum burn board . . I expected more from Mahala . . for a while I advocated them as being the least full of shit publication who focus on journalism at its essence . . this article takes them right back to the stone age of sensational crap. .

    . . I played and performed with Greame for about 2 years in Pegasus and Prizes . . I know the guy . . as a human being . . not the asshole this dude portrayed for your entertainment . . this article is a load of shit. . written by a dooshbag who cant get a job writing anything of substance . . This article just reminded me that Mahala is just fast food journalism . tabloid garbage . .

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  11. Sai says:

    Saw the magic of pegasus in Joburg quite a while ago. They were musically awful, they arrived late, the singer was fucked up on drugs, the bassist also looked like he was about to die… I didn’t love the music, the male nudity, or the part in the set where they were massaging each others genitals. But having said that… they put on a fucking amazing show

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  12. Eve says:


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  13. Anonymous says:

    i love graham

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  14. Sub-Zero the Hero says:

    Graham is a legend! Definitely a well known name in the SA music scene. Maybe not within the big wigs but certainly within the underground more alternative scene.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    is magic of pegasus still together?

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  16. Anonymous says:

    Like a little boy scrambling for attention, trying to be edgy and irreverent, but comes across as stupendously try-hard and derivative.

    No one cares, “Newlove”.

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