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Hip Hop Heaven

Hip Hop Heaven

by Tumi Molekane / 15.07.2009

I First heard Blu in a gastropub while going through a friends ipod. The song was untitled but had a heavy Radiohead sample. He does this liquid melodic shit on that song that makes it pure soul. A couple years ago you would have been caught wondering if this guy is an emcee or a singer but nowadays with all these newbee rap kids that rap-sing or sing-rap, or as I like to refer to it don’t-rap, all you really asking yourself is whether you like it or not. I liked it. But it was the “Below the Heavens” album that sold me. Not since Lupe Fiasco have I been so impressed by the way an emcee carries ideas forth and is unquestionably dope. This dude is the one and his producer Exile did a great job on the track both cutting and composing.

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