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Happiness Machines

by Mahala High Five Brigade / 16.07.2013

So P.H.Fat have a brand new album about to drop and they just released this teaser. We caught up with Mikey Zietsman for a little catch up.

Mahala: How is your new album?

Mike Zietsman: My favourite of ours by far… faaar.

Some laid back grooves? Hoping its like Mi Casa vibes?

Spot on.

Lounge vibes you know?

With the occasional smooth RnB twang and a three piece rock feel.

Awwww yeaaaaah! Two step drums and yodelling.

It’s kind of like if Prime Circle and Saron Gas had a music baby. Actually. It sounds just like the Finkelsteins.

Tweak made love to the Parlotones and Mandoza?

Precisely. But with more reggae.

Sounds epic. I’m quoting you.

I believe you.

You got a band yet?

Mr Sakitumi for the launch parties… more to come after that. You better come to the launch party
we ripping out all of the sound in the Assembly and putting in a full on festival rig and then getting a bunch of cool shit to happen and doing a big rap show.

*Catch P.H.Fat launch their new album Happiness Machines at the Assembly on July 26.

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