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Haezer in the Dogbox

Haezer in the Dogbox

by Roger Young, images by Justin McGee / 10.05.2010

Silence. Darkness. The whiff of petrol, somebody is trying to start up a generator. Hundreds of people mill around in the darkness wondering when the power will stop playing havoc while the organizers run around looking panicked. My large gay friend however is fine with the darkness and confusion, he uses it to his advantage, I and several others have to keep fighting off his lazy attempts to get his hands into various pants.

A pulsing red light near the dj box flickers and then a squelching electronic throb blasts out and Haezer kicks back into action. It’s been a tough night at Dogbox on the roof but slowly it’s coming together, they scale down the rig and then finally the shit is going down. The roof is in darkness except for the space directly in front of the dj stage vibe, which has exploded like an exorcism.

After this, things got emo

Like a hirsute goblin on hallucinogens Haezer air punches his way through his brand of dirty grinding electro. With Electronic music you sometimes get the feeling it could just be played off the laptop, but not with him. Haezer makes you feel like he is creating it with his eyes; they pierce the crowd like a fun laser as the music resembles more and more the sound of Squarepusher and Mr Oizo being thrown out of a train at high speed, as it hurtles through a nightmare storm.

A beat that first makes you want to grind your ass like you’re holding a strippers pole and then flips into a sort of manic air pummeling as Haezer jumps up on his table and looks like he’s about to either swan dive or conduct the crowd. It gets ridiculous on the dance floor, sweaty and hard with electro that is self-referential (I tell you, what isn’t in these heady times) cheeky and banging.

Yes, yes, party was run by Griet, we get it

With so much darkness time got muddled, I can’t tell you whether Cyberpunkers played their cleaner but no less ass swinging set before or after Haezer, maybe it was in-between, but when they’re on I have fended off one to many “friendly” gay ass grabs and struggled through the darkness for too long trying to find friends with wallets. I head down for food and end up composing a poem to Prudence, the boerewors roll lady. The night dissolves into random blood letting and danger. Sometime later I’m on the dancefloor wondering if I have become part of the organism when I realise, once again, that Sweatface has left me behind, but I don’t get emo about it this time, in the dirty darkness, grinding like a geriatric Beyonce on ketamine, I don’t mind getting left behind.

With the Winter comes confusion in gender identification

Shortly after JR had some jock beat up some other jock for him, long story

I love the uncaptionableness of blurry long exposures

All images © and courtesy Justin McGee.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good grief this website is bad. What next – a story by a 22 year old film student who just discovered Banksy? Oh, sorry, I spoilt the surprise.

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  2. Andy says:

    Thanks for contributing

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  3. Anonymous says:

    People should know about these parties!! Im Glad Mahala covered it.
    Power fail!! But a great party nonetheless! Nice job Griet!

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  4. BM. says:

    quick brand profile check mahala: kiddielectro + underage hipsters posing/puking for camera = we-are-awesome.com

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  5. Roger Young says:

    Bitch all you like people, get it out it’s good for you, do it here on the comment boards, because no one else is listening.

    But I’ve got news for you, things happen more than once and often in different places. Is that the best you’ve got to moan about? You must lead very fulfilled lives.

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  6. Walter says:

    So Haezer and Cyberpunkers were the only ones that played? No mention that Cyberpunkers are on tour from Italy?

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  7. Anonymous says:

    awesome party!! HOOT HOOT 🙂

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  8. creepy steve says:

    “when I realise, once again, that Sweatface has left me behind, but I don’t get emo about it this time” this is brilliant how do you lose a 200kg man face glistening like a whore in a porno dressed like a hobo and laden with all kinds of photographic shit , how does it just go missing, it was here a second ago

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  9. Roger Young says:

    Uh, Walter, why mention it when you already know? Jesus. Did you know this was Haezer’s last gig before he leaves to tour Germany, maybe he’ll be as big there as 7th Son.

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  10. High Horse says:

    Roger, get off your high horse and look it this article from the point of view of a reader who was not at this specific show and perhaps hasn’t been to Hotbox… the fact is that this article doesn’t read nicely at all. Write this drivel as a note on your FB for your buddies, they will enjoy it. But for us, the sad fact is that a lot of your articles are annoyingly inaccessible.

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  11. Roger Young says:

    @High Horse. Now there’s a criticism I can use. And I’m not being sarky here. Tell me, in what way would you like me to be more accessible, what do you feel is missing?

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  12. Anonymous says:

    HIgh Horse, You should go to Hot Box. Its a really cool venue. Laid back and easy. Just what PTA needs.

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  13. Kevin Goss-Ross says:

    I love henk.

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  14. Henk says:

    I love McGee

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  15. Henk says:

    Goss-Ross you’re not to bad

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  16. Roger Young says:

    Henk, I know it’s your second language but learn to spell too.

    I still love you though.

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  17. Anonymous says:

    usually Hotbox parties are too good to discribe in accessable language

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  18. 456 says:

    Christ, if another pissy tosser trendoid flips his lid about how Mahala is, like, sooo uncool, I’m gonna toss my fucking cookies.

    For fucks sake, if you have a better opinion, then get off your whining ass and put it out there. Until then, I hope you choke on your cool in private.

    I mean for crying out loud over spilt milk – this is a review of a jol, a hedonistic jol, not some dissertation on the metaphysicality of postmodernism.

    Fact: if this shit was printed, your smarmy comments would go no further than the sycophantic ears of your unlikeable friends.

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  19. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I agree with 456. And Roger depicted the night perfectly.

    A few people I spoke to had a thousand complaints about the evening, but the fact is that they were ALL too drunk to remember most of it. It was one hell of a weird night and it messed around with everyone’s head a little, but if a party can pull that off- wow.

    The night was beyond insane, and I think that if the critical readers would leave the comfortable little nook in which they browse the internet, and go out a little, they’d understand what Mahala is about.

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  20. Anonymous says:

    What a sick party!! Too bad i was kidnapped that night and woke up in Sunnyside haha!

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