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Haezer Geezer

Haezer Geezer

by Lize Kay / 12.11.2009

Another 48-hours with no sleep. I was nearing the third all-nighter, and this time of year does not really allow for afternoon naps. But I was more involved with this party than usual, this time we were partying for a cause.

On the 19th of November, 20 members of the United Nations Association of South Africa will be heading to Zimbabwe to distribute 14 tonnes of maize, set up 500 water filters that will last for three years, as well as teaching people in the rural surrounds how to plant their own vegetable gardens, and they’re renovating a school. I am one of these 20, and this party was thrown to raise funds for this mission
I arrived just before ten and was one of five people in Die Mystic Boer. That’s five, including the two bar tenders. But within an hour the Mystic had filled up nicely. And by the end of the night, one could barely move in there. Haezer is fast becoming one of the most popular electropunk noisemakers around. He is undoubtedly good at what he does, and it is satisfying seeing people taking notice of talent, and showing their appreciation. The same thing happened at Earthdance and Rocking the Daisies earlier this year, and there is no doubt he is a name to watch out for in the future.

Jack Parow

And we were in for a surprise. Pleasant? Not so much. But still a cherry on top of a cake that was already awesome. Jack Parow swanned in and graced us with his presence, and entertained us with a couple of liedjies. Haezer mixed some of Parow’s stuff, so they back each other up now and again. Now Jack Parow has a filthy mouth, but his unstoppable rhythm speaks of South African culture in a Bellville zeffness that is hilariously accurate.

The dancefloor was just as hectic. I got elbowed in the mouth [twice], and not even that, or the less-than-zero space to move in, could get me off the dancefloor. Jack Parow claims he’s better than sex. And when combined with Haezer you get a supernova musical orgasm. At some point in the night, the police shut the party down. But peacefully so, and by that time it was already well past 2am. So we went slunk off into the night, ears still ringing, sleepily mumbling ‘Dans dans dans, ek wil fokken fokken dans.’

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  1. TIT FACE says:

    This article is crap

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  2. Andy says:

    Tit Face, you really are.

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  3. parow, checkit says:

    jy het niks,
    skies jy het n pimpel
    ek is propvol goete
    soos n kruideneerswarewinkel

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  4. parow, checkit says:

    ek’s n aanpak, jys kortbroek
    ek moer almal, en jy hou net om to soek

    ja zander, ja-jonkie-ja-ja
    ek spoeg hierdie taal so vlot dit maak my maagie naar

    kyk hier, kyk hoe lyk ek nou
    old school liedjie soos oranje-blanje-blou

    as ek oppie mike is, is dit n rerig sprokies aand
    as jy oppie mike is, is dit soos n teef oppie end van die maand

    jys n blerrie fokken hol, om met my te battle rap
    ek poes jou met my tweede taal, ek lyk dit, dit is vet

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  5. Jack Parow says:

    o wag…haha,is dit n battle die,is dit iemand wat my battle…oeee,lekker man

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  6. Philip Bosch says:

    LOL That’s some Fukking Klaas KAK

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  7. X-woes says:

    Zander jys die shit bra, AWE!

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  8. dreamer says:

    love ur music cuz

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