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Guy Buttery

Guy Buttery: Fox Hill Lane

by Roger Young / 09.09.2009

It’s necessary to be able to transcend your daily cares in order to fully access Guy Buttery’s Fox Hill Lane and yet something in its contradictory nature often brings the mind back to very earthy thoughts. Sometimes the sense of floating away is disturbed by the sudden awareness of his technical mastery. But if you’ve ever seen Guy Buttery live, you’ll know that this, “weird guitar music” of his is a form of meditation that demands an unflinching pursuit of skill.

Let me try give you an idea of what kind of album this is. Instruments employed include; acoustic guitar, bowed guitar, singing bowls, dun-dun, hosepipe flute, dobro, jewish harp, tabla, dulcimer, harmonium, harmonica and saw. Guests artists include; Madala Kunene, Nibs van der Spuy, Syd Kitchen and Dan Patlansky. Photographs in the inner sleeve are of Buttery, his guitar and some forest. The all-instrumental arrangements are as peaceful, complex and blinding as the sun through a canvas of leaves.

From the sitar plunges on “Mirleft” to the re imagined maskadi on “Burnside” and the temple like spaces on the title track, taking in all of what’s going on on Fox Hill Lane is not easy, it often amounts to an overload, but when your mood and it’s complexities jell, it becomes an aurally hallucinatory experience. Although the technical aspects of Buttery demand attention, focusing on them only makes them slip away, it’s an album best experienced without putting yourself through that pressure.

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or at Buttery’s oldweb page.

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  1. Mnandi says:

    Guy Buttery. This long-haired 26 year old man took us to the edges of the plateau to experience the view, while keeping us in our chairs, happily, on the edge of a cliff, safely in the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre. Nice.

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  2. Ex 'Maritzburg Londoner says:

    I look forward to it. Hopefully now he has some product he will tour over here again…

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