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Grab the Guitar and Watch Television

by Mahala High Five Brigade / 23.05.2013

What do you get if you smoke a lot of dope and then mix two Australians and a couple of musical instruments? Well in Brisbane, you get a swirl of punk laced garage rock with bogan-surfy overtones by a duo who call themselves the Dune Rats. Danny Beusa and BC Michaels, aka the Dune Rats, only started making music in 2011, so they are still pretty fresh on the scene. And they’re brand spanking new in South Africa. These two kids from Brisbane are bringing their dirty-fucking-garage-rock to the Puma Social Club tomorrow. We caught up with Danny to see what he thinks of our beloved country.

Mahala: How have you been finding South Africa so far?

Danny: We haven’t slept and our faces hurt from smiling so much, all of that is a good thing. We fucking love this place and every person we’ve met has partied with us nonstop.

How has it come about that you are on tour here?

We wanted to go to somewhere different, so BC put up a picture of a cute cat and asked someone to pay for our flights on Facebook. Our man Tyson did the legend and then we met Henk (our SA wrecking ball) through Vice Magazine and a rad dude named Martin helped us.

Do you have a big South African fan base?

Thought we’d have fuck all if I’m being honest. But we knew the people were dope, the drugs good and the women attractive so it was a pretty easy choice.

Is this your first time here?

Yeah, we saw a few movies… but it isn’t the same.

Dune Rats

How is an SA crowd different from an Aussie crowd?

Fuck. Well, based off our first shows about 600 times the size and fucking nuts. The fucking nuts thing our Aussie mates have but we were blown away by how many people came… like a blowjay.

Do you admire any SA bands?

Tonnes. None have egos. Well none of the cunts that we’ve met, they just wanna play music and party. Short Straw, PH FAT, City Bowl Mizers, Beast, Beach Party, Fruit and Veggies.

Who inspires you?

Our mates who don’t give a fuck about anything or anyone who is a scummy fuckbag. They aren’t all in bands, they are just creative people who hate negative shit.

You call yourself 2.5 mates. That’s Danny and BC and…? Why ‘2.5’ mates? What’s the extra half?

That’s Brett our bass player, he has a dick but it was semi bitten on by a ferret he had once. Ages ago.

How do you go about writing your songs?

Grab the guitar and watch television. Or smoke cones and then when something sounds cool I’ll show BC and he’ll say if its shit or cool, and it works the same way with him. Then when Brett came along it was just two people to say if it was fucked or not.

Do you often (ever?) write songs when you’re high?


How does if affect your creative process?

Makes it more patient and less agitated.

Have you tried the local weed? How do you find the quality?

Yeah its fucking unreal, I have two massive bags with me right now and they are the best friends ever.

Tell us about the video for ‘Red Light, Green Light’. How did that come about? It was a fan voted clip right?

Nah, we thought it would be funny to rip the shit out of cones like our mates DZ DEATHRAYS who attack a bottle of Jaeger in their video. Then we asked people on our Facebook if we should and 5000 cunts were keen to see it so we did. It was fun.

Is that the first time you’ve done that?

Yeah first time filming it and listening to our song, I don’t lipsync when we dendy at home normally…

Are you punks? What do you think about authority?

Fark, we’d rather just be dudes who see the fucking world as how it is… which we are pretty sure most people see it this way. Authority is old dudes and big business. People aren’t blind to that shit, just a larger bunch like it cos it feels safe.

Who do you respect?

Our family and the other sick cunts in our lives.

Do you mind what your mum thinks?

Yeah, but we are lucky to have mums that wouldn’t put their thoughts on us, they fucking love us and realise you can’t change someone’s mind, you can’t make them act how you want but they’ll still think how they want.

Dune Rats

Is it true that there is a chance that marijuana might be legalised in parts of Oz? 

Yeah for the sick and elderly which is awesome. In the USA we saw that a fuckload of people that actually needed it to help them were the elderly and sick, the people who run the banks give a fuck about the people unlike alcohol and tobacco companies.

What do you think about that?

Just had a bit of a rant.

Do you think it should be legal?

Yeah, at least to grow your own.

Are you having a good time?

Fuck yes. Thank you.

What can the crowd at the PSC expect tonight?

Lots of swear-words and drunk cunts.

Where next?

Singapore, China, Jakarta, Bali and then Australia. Woooo!

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