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Goldfish, Grass and a Gyrating Geezer

Goldfish, Grass and a Gyrating Geezer

by Ashley Jewnarain, images by Kevin Goss-Ross / 31.03.2010

Journalistic impartiality, or honest opinion? Any takers? Nope? Alright then, hundreds. Let’s rewind to Sunday afternoon at the Botanic gardens, you’re all familiar with this verdant Durban locale I’m sure. And if you are, then you’re most likely familiar with the lake at the bottom of the gardens. It’s a serene, breezy spot resplendent with all manner of peaceful pretty fowl an’ flora, where one can recline at leisure, taking in the sweeping graceful…
Ja, not this time boet.

Thousands of people (by my estimate) piled into the gardens to catch Goldfish’s latest appearance in Durbs. I must just admit, right upfront, I’m not huge fan, I know very little about these fine lads. My only experience of Goldfish is limited to the odd East CoastRadio carpool torture session.

It was nearly impossible to find a clear spot from which the stage was visible, and we eventually settled our esteemed asses on an empty patch of lawn with a thumbnail of a view.

Feeling the vibe in a laidback Durban kind of way

The first act, Rise, didn’t quite tickle me in the right spots. What I caught of their show consisted of covers of 90’s trance-pop hits that should best be left alone. The kind of staple you’d hear at 3 AM on East Coast Radio, but wait a minute, this was an ECR gig, so I guess that’s par for the course then.

There didn’t seem to be a bar available, but scores had come fully prepared, BYOB style. Sipping on red wine and Label quarts, waiting for the customary Bot gardens skyf to be made, I hung out with some of the THOTS guys waiting for something like that to happen. Giving me enough pause to ponder how much people paid to get into this gig. R100 (a moederfokken clip) cover charge. That’s pretty steep by Durban standards.

Anyway, Goldfish came on, and there was action, albeit dodgy Durban action. But that’s how we, as a town, roll.

These guys certainly look like they’re having fun when they perform, and that’s pretty infectious, no matter how cynical the journo, mixing beats and samples to old school live bass and brass instruments, their sound is a fusion of techno/house with jazz, blues and soul. Personally, I found a lot of their set a bit underwhelming and poppy, but I guess if you’re drunk and you just want to dance you could do a lot worse. The crowd on the other hand, having paid a hundred bucks a head just to see these guys, were stirred into jubilant motion. I was actually quite surprised at the number of senior citizens I spotted getting down on it. As with most concerts held at family spots, there were also a lot of sprogs on parade, whom I had to constantly avoid tripping over or drop-kicking as I waded through the dense congregation on a “professional survey”.

Hey checkit boet, checkit, a camera! Smile a crazy smile boet!

One ballie in particular took the prize for audience involvement, enthusiastically shimmying and gyrating in the best disco kung fu of his heyday, while his far more conservative friends pointed and laughed their heads off.

That’s as much as I can remember anyway, all in, it seemed like a fun scene. The sound could have been way bigger and better, I know its outdoors, but pumping up the vocal channels and then just letting everything else warble together loudly doesn’t cut it as sound engineering okes. I’d like to see Yesterday’s Pupil, BABU or Isochronous do a gig at the lake, the environment certainly lends itself to an odd festival vibe. Finally the skyf was made and as we puffed up the hill, I spared a concerned thought for the security personnel who now had to get all those inebriated Durbanese off their lawn. Good luck gazi.

Goldfish sling another one into the Durban crowd

Hey bra how's about a family portrait?

Bru, it's hard to dance while you staggering like that. Hold it steady so I can grind my crotch into your neck and dribble beer on you.

Crowd almost goes nuts

Life of the party! Step aside boet... I got this one covered

The Durban Botanic's lawn of whiteys

Goldfish mosh 'n mix

Dude came prepared to get down, sweaty forehead or not

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  1. Dirtbin Nights says:

    Please refrain from using the following line in your next “review”…
    “But that’s how we, as a town, roll.”
    I, as a natural born resident of the city, do not want to be associated with your opinion on how “we”, as a town, roll.

    Personally, I feel that Durban is stuck in a mid-1980’s Seattle state of mind. The “reviewed” event is a indy-grunge-too-cool-for-your-school tainted snapshot of the (much loathed by the culterati) ECR “mainstream” and, the “reviewer” ,in all probability, envisions him/her-self as some form of Sub Pop rock’n’rolla?

    I’m wasting my finger strokes. These events are billed, and known to be, family picnic pop-fests. What more is there to write. I believe Roger “Nathan Zeno” Young submitted a similarly tainted review of another such concert a few months back. History repeats.

    This type of drvel might be easier to accept if Mahala could stick one of those “L” (for learner) stickers on the back window?

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  2. Roger Young says:


    The Seattle state of mind to which you refer was Mid 90’s. But we take your point. These events happen in other towns too, where the bands are, well, let’s just say less derivative. Maybe that’s the real story. That Durban’s tastes are limited by various factors (let’s not get into it here).

    I Roger “Nathan Zeno” Young have stopped covering these kinds of events for all the reasons you state or do not state, it’s billed as something and it lives up to that, so why should we even bother criticizing. It’s like when someone says they’re going to mug you if you don’t run and then they do, really, they performed as billed and just because it’s crap we shouldn’t feel the right to say so, because they warned us. Your logic is superb, sir.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Can just anyone do reviews for Mahala… it appears so!

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  4. me says:

    I am liking this article more for the comments that follow the “content.”

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  5. Classy says:

    You Roggered “Nathan Zeno” Young too? Awesome!

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  6. Dirtbin Nights says:

    Dear Dear Roger, maybe for you it was the mid 90’s (when the scene was brought to light by the commercial success of Nirvana & Co.)…Mid 80’s Seattle was when there weren’t that many clubs playing grunge music and these bands (Nivana, Soundgarden, TED etc) struggled to eat. After the radio friendly unit shifting explosion of the mid-90’s – the big money mongers were signing everyone and anyone associated with the Seattle grunge scene.
    I’m sure you will agree…
    Durban has experienced no such explosion. Hence. My opinion of Durban being stuck in the mid-80’s seattle state of mind. Another similarity with my analogy is that the music of most of the more popular bands (amongst the angsty and jaded youth of this humid melting pot) is heavily influenced by the mostly post -mid 70’s punk & metal cultures.

    Thank you for once again gracing me with your ignorance. My feelings – as a being free to have them – are that your opinions are as bad (or even worse) than those of the popped collar masses. That said, I have experienced a perverse joy in seeing you slowly nudge your nose up the asses of the Capetonian & Gauteng culterati (FYI, I would say that the western cape music scene has the New York/East Coast hipster state of mind…?)
    I see you as a sub-culture sycophant. Anyway. As we know, opinons are like assholes. We all have one.

    The modern music industry (and the the critics thereof) fill me with a nausea. Granted, if it wasn’t for this corruption of purity, I would never have heard the sounds of awesomeness that were ultimately born in psychedelic San Francisco (mid 50’s to mid 60’s)
    An event that has shaped my taste in “alternate” music and which helped form my personal opinion of what “rock” music and it’s “scene” can be….

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  7. Anonymous says:


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  8. Roger Young says:

    I see your mid 80’s Seattle point.

    I also see your how you could have formed the opinion that I am a “sub-culture sycophant”. You might even be right, I’m not sure, I celebrate what I like and I critique (or comment on) what I don’t, maybe that’s wrong in your opinion but I kinda like having intelligent conversations with people whose output I enjoy, as much as i like having conversations with those whose output I do not enjoy. But no matter, on to the personal insult section of this comment….

    The way you put both alternate and scene in inverted comma’s and constantly drop the word “culturatti” around. You seem to form your tastes primarily on what other people don’t like, you have a problem with anything being sanctioned in any way. For something to truly have value for you, it cannot be shared, hence your liking for the internal space of the “psychedelic”.

    This is just my reading of you from your posts, as I don’t know you or know who you really are, as your reading is from my stories on this site. Maybe you do know me, though, you seem to believe you do, maybe we’ve met, but you being all internal and pure don’t want to let on what your name is, I respect that I do, it’s your right to do so, as much as it is your right to keep reading my output and posting comments about it that make you out to be an out of touch grumpy old man who masturbates over his own cultural isolation while his mother makes him breakfast.

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  9. Dirtbin Nights says:

    BTW, I did take note of the authors apparent disclaimer. I just can’t help feeling that there is absolutely no merit for this type of work.

    Opinion, Nirvana

    Congratulations you have won
    It’s a year subscription of bad puns
    And a make-shift story of concern
    And to set it up, before it burns
    My opinions. Mmm. Mmm. (x4)

    Well there seems to be a problem here
    When the scale of emotions seems too clear
    Now They rise and fall like wall street stock
    And they have an affect on our peace talk

    Our opinions. Mmm. Mmm.
    My opinions. Mmm. Mmm. (x3)

    Congratulations you have won
    It’s a year subscription of bad puns
    And a make-shift story of concern
    And you set it up, before it burns

    Our opinions. Mmm. Mmm.
    Your opinions. Mmm. Mmm. (x3)
    My opinions. Mmm. Mmm

    A suggestion to Mahala. How about a mini-biography on each of your writers? It would be informative to see the background of your contributers. This would aid in setting the atmosphere for their commentary and allow one to ascetain how seriously their opinions can be taken.

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  10. anastassia molto says:

    does east coast radio own these durban concerts?
    if so we’ll never see the awesomness of yesterday’s puil, babu, thots, isochronous here!?!?!?

    dirtbin, “natural born resident of the city” i am so sorry you are “stuck in the in a mid-1980’s Seattle state of mind”. must be hard.

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  11. Roger Young says:

    Dirtbin, that’s actually a good suggestion, the bio one. Let’s see if we can set it up (the L for learner is a bit cruel no? it would set up any story up to be judged mediocre from the start, i think)

    And thank you for calling it it “a suggestion to Mahala” as that essentially makes it a suggestion to me (partially, seeing I am a founding partner) , meaning we can’t take it on, because that would be sycophantic. You logic once again defeats you.

    I am, of course, only joking, my logic there makes no sense.

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  12. G5K5 says:

    Dirtbin Nights, you are a pillock. If you don’t like the style and content of this particular part of the internet, then why are you subjecting yourself to what is quite obviously a painful experience for you? Why not just plug your iPod in and listen to The Mamas And The Papas, sunshine? Are you California Dreamin’ and are all the leaves brown? Or are you going to San Francisco? What is your point, apart from lambasting reviews and reviewers which you take exception to? If the music industry fills you with such overwhelming nausea, darling, surely you must be headfirst in the bowl after having to sit through so much of it? Methinks you protest way much.

    Moving on…

    “Yesterday’s Pupil, Babu or Isochronous”?

    Godsakes, that’d be a turn up for the books. (Although to be fair, both Babu and Peach have performed in Durban. To predictably lukewarm responses. Tsk.)

    People in Durban are so utterly out of goddamn touch with what’s going on – even in Jozi or Cape Town, let alone globally – that those names will go right over their heads. Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Paul Van Dyk, Cliff Richard, Elton John, Bryan Adams, Akon, Snoop Dogg, Kelly Clarkson, sure sure, no problem, they know who the hell those weak-ass mall-rat MTV-fodder acts are, but throw a ‘Closet Snare’ or a ‘Lark’ or for that matter a ‘BOO!’ or even 340ml or Tumi and they draw a blank. I’m talking about your average Joe here, mind you. There are some Durbanites who can tell retchworthy shite from a decent band, but they are sadly in the minority. This is why on any given Friday or Saturday night you’ll find the world’s crappest mainstream house music playing in almost every single jol. I said almost. But I digress.

    No folks, it’s a motherfuckin one-seahorse town with an ear for schmaltz (THANK YOU EAST COAST RADIO!) and an eye for whitebread style. It’s the heartland of Boykie Culture, where golf shirts with popped collars are the shiz, every motherfucker who thinks he’s an individual has got a star tattood on his arm, and women remain bimbos in bikinis, greeting you with a ‘How you, boy?’

    Isochronous? Babu? Yesterday’s Pupil? Boykie culture does not know these words, let alone the music they describe.

    It’s absolutely no surprise that in Durban, Goldfish are just about the biggest thing since mercury-laden-endangered-species sushi. National and international promoters and artists alike would rather gargle balls of barbed wire than stage a Durban event unless – and here’s the magic ingredient – a Big Name Sponsor can take care of the bottom line. And of course, they don’t lay down the crown unless there are Terms and Conditions. Which mostly involve setting up gigs for those acts which Sell and are A Brand. No room for error in StoneTown. Ask any promoter worth their salt and they’ll suck their lips and hum while rolling their eyes.

    The end result? A city stuck in a downward cultural spiral, where the best talent makes a beeline for the bright lights and big city attractions found elsewhere. A city where the polticians are too busy shuffling manila and pouring Johnny Blue and Creme Sodas to even have the vaguest idea of how badly their cultural profile is deteriorating.

    Pass me the balls of barbed wire.

    Durban? Pfff. Anyone with a dream gets out.

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  13. Dirtbin Nights says:

    Roger. Now Now. I must of struck a nerve. No?

    I don’t think I will be dignifying your vitriol with a point by point response. I feel you have yourself done enough to justify my opinions.

    Anyhoo. The current state of mainstream music journalism (as “practiced” by yourself) in SA can be summed up by an old addage:
    It’s not what you know, It’s who you know…
    And this you definitely have taken to heart.
    Well done. But. Please. Just don’t choke on all that protein you are busy injesting. Or. Injure your self with all the pontification.

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  14. Roger Young says:

    Dirtbin, old man, seriously, get over yourself.

    G5K5 – “Anyone with a dream gets out.” – I subscribed to this adage when i left years ago, I came back thinking it might have changed, it hasn’t. Oh well.

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  15. Dirtbin Nights says:

    “…If you wanna be old school about it – and you know I’m all about old school – then we can wait till dawn, and slice each other up at sunrise…”

    G5K5. Thanks for the slap & tickle. It was invigorating. Though, like founding partner Roger – way off the mark. Besides. I don’t own an IPod…I browse those museums…ie music stores and collect CD’s with coverart.

    Your views on Durban, however extavagant, are unfortunately pretty close to fact. Your views regarding the prominent popped collar scene are true, but also, to a certain degree, apply to the dirty underbelly that produces the live music of the city.

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  16. Dirtbin Nights says:

    You just shoved your nose a few centimetres deeper right there Roger. Like a knife in the back. Wow.

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  17. Roger Young says:

    Maybe I’m a stupid as you make me out to be, Dirtbin, but I’m confused. To me this previous comment makes no sense, please explain?

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  18. Dirtbin Nights says:

    My humble apologies.I blame my senile “old” mind. You were not bad mouthing this dirty little harbour town now were you?
    Ok. Need to go change my catheter bag, but thanks for the chat.
    Looking forward to those mini-biographies.
    No matter my dislike for the majority of views and opinions expressed (and the mannaer in which they are voiced) on this site…the entertainment factor keeps me coming back…that… and the vague hope that I will discover something new and exciting before I read about it in You magazine or hear about it from Nicky Greenwall.

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  19. anastassia molto says:

    will someone please take the trash out of dirtbin as they have so aptlty titled themselves. they’re going off topic and are getting all pms-ish allover our clean internet pages.

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  20. Roger Young says:

    Dirtbin, I love this town, I hate the attitudes prevalent in it that mean everyone here is out of the loop “culturally”. I suppose I’m sucking your cock now?

    In your opinion if I like something I am a sycophant, if i don’t I should have known better.

    Basically you are telling me I shouldn’t write. Well, bad news, I will continue to, you on the other hand do not have to continue to read.

    But what I don’t understand is this, why use another writers story to attack me personally?

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  21. person. says:

    Durban is all pop-collar at the mo, but us alternatives we like it that way, that’s what makes us…well, alternative, the rest of you who have bastardised this have become the machine you so rebel against!
    All your articles and all your comments so far smack of a this deep immature jealousy that Goldfish get thousands of peeps to their mindless drivel, while us ‘intelectual thinkers’ who were ‘listening to bands way before they themselves even knew they were in said band’ can’t muster 50 ‘believers’ to a gig…
    All I know is that a large amount of those poppies in the park were from Joberg or Pretoria on the long weekend (not Durban) that or local schoolkids (and don’t get on their case, we were all young and confused once), and that the majority of ‘alternative’ people who I know who are scattered around the land doing really well in ‘alternative’ lines of business (and no, my dealer is from Pretoria) are originally from Durbs – so please, no knocking your heritage (RY) and have a little respect for this one-seahorse town:)

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  22. person. says:

    oh, and Goldfish is like bad 90’s dance….there I said it 🙂

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  23. Roger Young says:

    jesus this is like talking to three year olds.

    I’m not knocking Durban, I’m knocking those that get out, that don’t stay to make it better and then bitch about it. Or say that it’s obviously bad, why say anything.

    I choose to live in Durban.

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  24. anastassia molto says:

    hey person, i think the alernative musicians scattered all over arent really doing that well, like maybe they have avid fans but subscribing to making pop music rather than making music (albeit alt) that becomes so popular that it is pop isnt good for the mouths of our artists kids. let alone our artists, and yeah, in your last comment – you said it, now why are we watching it LIVE!?!?

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  25. md says:

    i’m pretty sure i coined the term dirtbin for durban, in a poem i wrote about 12 years ago… just so you know

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  26. Dirtbin Nights says:

    Roger. Correction. I did not set out to attack you – I merely mentioned in my inital posting that you had already written a similarly tainted piece about a previous pop in the park event. It snowballed from there…


    I do indeed think you are a sycophant. My perception.

    I may not be your biggest fan but I am in no way telling you to stop trying to write.

    Truth doesn’t make a noise & “…any man with a microphone can tell you what he loves the most…”

    I like Durban too and feel that it is always on the verge of exploding. I wish the musicians could just dig a little deeper, get together and stick around long enough to create a truly local rock scene & sound. It is getting there very slowly but I suppose with the only decent universities being located in the cape and upcountry the city will always struggle to keep her youth.

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  27. anastassia molto says:

    nice pix goss-ross.

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  28. lucy says:

    I think a journo secure in his writing and convictions shouldnt have to answer for himself the way Young attempts to in this interminable strain of petty back and forth. Let the writing speak for itself!!!! So bored of these insecurities been flighted publicly- gooi mud not words

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  29. Charles says:

    The amazing thing about Goldfish is that before they became well known, they were lauded by the so-called ‘Culterati’.

    Back when I watched them at a jammed Baraza in my CT student days, surrounded by the 100 ‘underground fans’ to watching them at Botanical rocking what must have been 6000 peeps from 5 to 65 yesterday, I was stoked to see how far those guys have come. And what an interesting predicament they must find themselves in.
    Overseas, they’ve got Dr Dre, Basement Jaxx and Faithless as fans of their act and are considered as one of the hottest live elctronic acts around, they’ve played everywhere from the Sydney Opera house to Pacha Ibiza, and a yet at home they have been lumped into the Prime Circle/Parlotones/Freshlyground bin because of their success and radio play.

    It’s an interesting case study. When a band is underground and unthreatening you are cool(like aforementioned Yesterday’s Pupil, Babu or Isochronous)
    But as soon as the radio gets hold of them and their track gets played out next to a Beyonce/50cent/insert any of the drivel we get rammed down our throat on 5FM/ECR/Highfeld they are Fucked.

    I don’t suppose Goldfish care though. At least they’ve probably managed to give up waiting tables for a living.

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  30. Charlotte says:

    Charles, dear man, thank you for writing some sense amongst the above self-satisfied drivel.

    It seems glaringly obvious that some find great difficulty in just being happy for others’ success.

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  31. Dirtbin Nights says:

    In my defense…I don’t think I included any derogatory comments about the electronic band in my self-satisfied drivel. In fact, I was agreeing with the sentiments of Charles.
    Whilst I myself have a totally different taste in music and culture, my main point, before I was so rudely interupted by the co-founder, was that I felt that there was no apparent need to express the well worn comments of a self confessed “cynical journo” regarding such events. Yes it was “underwhelming and poppy”, it was meant to be, it has to be radio friendly and unit shifting. Why spend time dissing ECR and their market? It has been done to death by those subjected to their endless pop repeats. I myself am not a fan, though I must admit, when they bust out songs like Abracadabra or Staying Alive, I do want to feel those bright Disco lights flashing deep inside (ala a Gazelle song about leaving the farm). I even find myself enjoying some songs on 5FM and Ukhozi FM and maybe even Lotus but, I digress. This was their shindig, no? I think Mahala should take advice similar to that delivered by Lucy above. Ignore that side of society if it offends so much (then again, I suppose the crowd was a little too pale for this publication’s predilections and needed a good rogering. Come to think of it, I could also take the advice and not bother with this infantile, special olympics rant.) Anyhoo, maybe stick to highlighting the successes of the darling just-enough-to-the-left-of-centre-to-still-remain-relevant subcultures? Rather continue telling us more about how, by attending swinger parties that play crazy harcore animal porn to the soundtrack of unheard of alternate kwaito–jazz-marimba-rock bands (preferably hailing from previously disadvantaged areas), we will be bringing the country closer to it’s own soul. Ah, the sweet shock of freedom …whatever. I’m being a complete tosser and dribbling self-satisfaction all over my keyboard. I think my initial point has been adequately highlighted and, besides which, I now need to find a tissue to clean up this sticky sick mess.

    Charles is on the money. They were unknown (and probably used to cuss publically too) They then became popular – and therefore a commodity (and now can’t say F*ck on SA radio) Parentals and pups can enjoy them together. Collars can be popped and Peroni’s punished. No one is classified G5K5 (as long as they wear the right clothes for the occasion). Moving on…to the morning coffee I think. Have a nice day. Becareful not to become popular Mahala. People might get jealous and start calling you sell-outs on the internet or worse yet, posting meaningless and badly written comments on your site.

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  32. Charles says:

    Nice one. Let’s see what happens when edited tracks of Die Antwoord start getting played on 5fm and all the Boytjies with popped collars are singing along…

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  33. G says:

    Wow. What a site (just stumbled across it). You see, I’m from Cape Town. Now I wouldn’t ordinarily mention that, but it seems pertinent to my point here. Why the fuck is Durban always trying so hard? Seriously. You’re a pretty cool city – and one of the nicest places to visit. But you always just come across as trying too hard. Take your stadium for example – was it necessary to blight your otherwise beautiful landscape with what looks like a fat bitch sporting a g-string? And this site. I’ve quite enjoyed the articles I’ve read so far. On the whole, they’re pretty well written. But why the fuck are they all so long? A case of “journos” trying to prove how intellectual they are, I think. There is certainly a time and place for overly verbose writing, but this is not that time, and the internet is certainly not that place. Just say what you want to say and get it the fuck over with. Stop trying so fucking hard. Please. It just makes you look like you’re always following. You can be cool in your own way. Believe me. Then onto the keyboard ninjas above. Dirtbin, while I agree with most of what you’re saying – and you’ve said it relatively well, when you say something like “I MUST OF struck a nerve”, it makes you seem like a thesaurus whore. I wouldn’t attack typos or spelling errors in that way – but when you make errors like that, you argument, suddenly, loses credibility. I’m sorry, but for all Durban’s claiming to be laidback, there is an awful lot of trying going on. Stop it. You’d be better for it.

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  34. Roger Young says:

    Coffee would be good.

    Can I just clarify something briefly. I was not defending my writing or anyone else’s for that matter, These things must stand on their own, we all know this. I was merely reacting (over reacting) to accusation that I am a sycophant, it seems strange that because a writer likes something he is accused of that, but in the same breath told not to bother about things he doesn’t like. The logic is sketchy and fascinating.

    But to clarify, Goldfish have always been crap.

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  35. Andy says:

    the irony is not lost, that someone from Cape Town comes on here and tells everyone they’re trying too hard and they should just try less.

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  36. Dirtbin Nights says:


    Come to one of Durban’s main beaches on new years day and you will see the relevance of our stadium design. Quite apt.
    RE: My discrediting use of a thesaurus (not quite sure how that fits into using the colloquial phrase)…I don’t claim to be a journo or a writer and can (on some level) blame the bantu education system for my poor literacy skills. I also don’t profess to be the shizz and do indeed accept that these posts are accomplishing nothing (other than helping me pass a few minutes at my desk. Damn the man)
    I am from Durban…and it may also just be a result of me trying to hard.

    Roger, founding member…I am picking up what you are putting down. Mahala is Mahala. It is better than nothing. It highlights…stuff…and provides some form of entertainment and advertising income. Sally forth. Who knows…you may one day be called the Ralph J. Gleason(or Jann Wenner?) of Africa.

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  37. person. says:

    @RY – how do you know we ain’t 3, we from Durbs, we clever like dat! Keep writting those long articles so we can keep bitching about them it passes more of those work hours…
    @Anastassia – I wasn’t talking about alternative ‘muso’s’ only, but yes I get it.
    @md – put up said poem pls
    @Lucy – I thought that too until I realised that digital media gives us even more so that writer/commentator/critic interaction, it’s what it’s all about really…and it’s a tough one cos you commented didn’t you?
    @Charles – that’s kinda what I was trying to say, you just clevererister than I’s is….
    @G – you’re an idiot.
    @Dirtbin – you saved yourself with your summation, very democratic…and yes some of those big words you used were new to me, but pls nb, I’m 3, from Durban, not so clever and potentially a sea-horse?
    @Goldfish – congrats on your commercial success, really, I congrats you, but you and the rest of that bad 90’s paint by numbers pop/dance (as far as I’m concerned) are akin to the plague…well you get it I’m sure?

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  38. Dirtbin Nights says:

    My comment regarding the sad state of our local university is well illustrated by the above…

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  39. anastassia molto says:

    ok charles, charlotte and dirtnbin..
    musicians are either small and play the clubs, or, big and play the stadiums and receive airplay while losing their fundamental hardcore fans.
    have you noticed that in some international markets you can be huge, massive attack huge and popular as in “pop” but you arent regarded as a sell-out.

    this is not because the country (yes durbanites and capetonians – you are the same country and it gets tedious watching borders being drawn up between like cowboys and indians) has a media which only talks about what it likes and is too scared to be honest and critical (which at the same time does not mean ripping apart, but being constructive).

    Having media which gives you the good the bad and the extremely good allows you to see the bigger picture and actually creates higher standards all round.

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  40. anastassia molto says:

    please omit the “not” second paragraph, first line.

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  41. […] Goldfish, Grass and a Gyrating Geezer | Mahala […]

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  42. G says:

    @Andy. I apologise. I’ll leave ya’ll to continue masturbating to the sound of your own voices.

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  43. math rocker says:

    There’s only one worthwhile opinion in this tedious debate. Yes indeed Roger, Goldfish have ALWAYS been crap.

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  44. King Mob says:

    trawling mahala looking for a chance to sound clever, seems like a popular passtime these days. hey dirtbin, nice suggestion for the learner sign, do you think ashley could kindly borrow the finger-thumb L from your forehead mate?

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  45. Dirtbin Nights says:

    King Mob…get some glasses chop…you are probably referring to my extended middle finger. Thanks for the input. Now. Rotate.

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  46. coza TV says:

    coza TV covered this gig, check out a video interview with Dom from Goldfish and vocalist Sakhile on http://www.cozatv.co.za/vault/goldfish.html

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