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Facebook Victim Pop

Facebook Victim Pop

by Roger Young, illustration by Alistair Laird / 07.07.2010

Thinking that you’ve just discovered androgyny is not an excuse to make tinny Facebook victim pop. Magic of Pegasus have tarted up ROAR like the opening night of a school play and they’re as embarrassing as that hot guy you once liked who was as an actor in that play. There are a lot of people on the stage and the two teenage approximations of Lynch girls harmonizing have deeper voices than lead singer, Graham Newlove, and they’re even painfully high and flat. He keeps calling it an extra terrestrial sex party, he keeps telling the audience to fuck but what he doesn’t seem to understand is that you just can’t force fucking like that.

Saying that Magic Of Pegasus are crap kinda feels like rising to the bait. I get the feeling that they want to be called crap, like it’s one big fucking joke. They’re so painfully self conscious that you want to slap them; why this makes me actually like them, as people, I have no idea. Their little shout outs to Evol scenesters, like Julia Roberts look alike Mavuso, are embarrassingly affected and in the end totally endearing; the kind of endearing that make me want to ass-rape them, but you know, in a loving manner.

The lead singer guy shouts, “I hate Music, I love drama”, and it makes sense, because what else do you say if you really aren’t making any music. Let’s not even talk about the computer speaker optimized Girls meets Soft Cell lite sounds coming from the general direction on the stage; sounds that are so infatuated with higher frequencies that they are as sonically insubstantial, as fey as Newlove is. Let’s instead talk about that big black box in the middle of the dance floor.

Standing in back it seems like there is crowd down front but as you make your way forward (through the couple in the papier-mâché top hat and witch hat doing the pagan sun worship dance with locked eyes) you discover that the bulk of the space stage centre is taken up by a large black platform that eats up most of the dance floor. Its there purely for above the crowd guitar poses but what it actually does is separate the audience from the performance, willfully obscures it. And that’s what Pegasus seem to do best, full of bluster they do their best to keep you away from the actuality of the performance, they never transcend the artifice, they never actually reach out and touch the audience in any way.

Standing there down among all the auditioning fag hags staring up adoringly into Graham Newlove’s little doe eyes, I feel guilty for being taken in purely by the façade of the exploration of sexual identity while knowing full well the music is totally forgettable. Now that they’re playing with a full band, it seems to highlight even more what was missing even back when they were mostly electronic, Magic of Pegasus need songs that can live on in our hearts after the glitter has been swept away.

Images © Leon Visser & Louisa Hong.

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  1. creepy steve says:

    Magic of Pegasus need songs that can live on in our poophols after the lube has been swept away……more than that they need day jobs and haircuts

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  2. Dingly Wingly says:

    The lead singers name isn’t Sean La bang, its Graham.

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  3. RiaanP says:

    sigh. I feel somehow robbed of time and intelligence after reading this. : (

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  4. Anonymous says:

    You’ve just felt the soft kiss of the walrus…you’ll be fine after you take a bath

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  5. trigger says:

    so incredibly gay.

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  6. Roger Young says:

    Look, If Graham is gonna tag himself in FB pic’s as Sean Le Bang then I don’t know, I really don’t know. I’m tired of trying to work out which is which based on the publicity or FB shit. If that’s there “game” then cool but really, I got better things to do with my time.

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  7. Backstage Bear says:

    Roger, I know I took ur spot in the massive orgy that took place behind stage afterwards. I have apologised intensely about this. We all knew how excited you were when rumours were circling Cape Town about this, hence the reason you came, but didnt.

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  8. Fair Trade says:

    There’s a body of opinion which posits that, just because you don’t like a performers’ music, you shouldn’t diss it, but rather weigh its value on the merit of musical ability. Fairy muff, but The Magic Of Pegasus aren’t even particularly great musicians.

    Good god, Mr Young. The things you do for Mahala.

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  9. Mike says:

    Yeah, androgyny, yeah, androgyny, yeah, androgyny, yeah. Is it a girl, or is it a guy? Is it a girly guy or is it a guy-y girl? Sit in the middle of the spectrum in the shade of grey that depicts both and neither. yeah, androgyny, yeah, androgyny.

    Hey I made a song.

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  10. Pots Filter says:

    That illustration is straight out of the top drawer…amazing work Mr Laird

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  11. graeme newlove says:

    Love the drawing. My scrotum isn’t quite that wrinkly though. xx

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  12. The Pegasus Team says:

    we’ll write a song for you Roger 😉


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  13. cat hellisen says:

    From the pics it looks like they raided Richey Edwards’ wardrobe circa 1992.

    I guess something had to be done with it.

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  14. cat hellisen says:

    I mean that as a compliment though

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  15. Glitterbug says:

    I dont know. I think Roger got this one wrong. Pegasus are a punk band. its not about how many hours a day you practice scales on your guitar . . its about expression. energy. connectivity. and love. They’re some of the most passionate musicians I have ever seen. I watched them in Durban. I havnt seen a crowd go that crazy in a long time. had to peel people off the walls after the show. and as for the songs, somehow they knew all the words.

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  16. Hail Suarez! says:

    Firstly, that picture is brilliant!

    And secondly, Magic of Pegasus… being gay is a little passe. You can’t just be gay with a guitar in your hand. That’s not music. You actually have to play something.

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  17. Anonymous says:

    “Look, If Graham is gonna tag himself in FB pic’s as Sean Le Bang then I don’t know, I really don’t know. I’m tired of trying to work out which is which based on the publicity or FB shit. If that’s there “game” then cool but really, I got better things to do with my time.”

    Better things to do with your time than do your job properly?

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  18. I don't any of this says:


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  19. Roger Young says:

    Job done properly. If they’re pretending to be other people and I bought it then I did my job.

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  20. Anonymous says:

    Marilyn Manson, Sting, Gary Glitter must have had some crazy hippy parents…

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  21. Dan says:

    Roger, you need to lighten up have some fun. I really enjoy Magic of Pegusus shows, Im not gay nor homophobic, just a dude who likes to have a bit fun when i go out.


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  22. Roger Young. says:

    I had loads of fun. I also know that having fun doesn’t mean the band is memorable.

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  23. Anonymous says:

    Roger is jealous. He is in love with GRAHAM LE BANG

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  24. Kit says:

    Seen them in Durban twice, both times freaking fantastic. They walked into the audience back then!
    I love the drama+glitter + feeling like I’m in a crazy dream 🙂

    Graeme+Sean, I love your minds, can I live in there?

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  25. Kit says:

    Ps. I’m physically rocking in my chair with the excitement of seeing them in Durban again in September!

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