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Definitions Unbound

by Nathan Zeno / 29.04.2009

From a purely pop culture point of view it’s impossible not to appreciate the intelligence and subtle humour of Yesterday’s Pupil’s “Errors Of Enthusiasm”. It’s an added bonus that it’s glorious to listen to as well. Mixing real instruments with electronic, sounding like a bastard child of Yello and The Sugarcubes, The Pupil firmly shows all those laptop acts what making actual music is all about. “Simplicity Is Key” he sings on “What We Seek”, a hypnotic alone on the dance-floor track, but this is not simple music, it’s music that’s intent is simple. Yesterdays Pupil doesn’t want to sell you anything, Its like an invitation to drive long distance on your own and revel in thinking about all the simple joys.

The mere fact that an album that’s last track is called “Intro” is available in Musica makes me feel all first world. The mesmerising voice, awesome guitar licks and fab drum solo’s just make me feel. “Errors of Enthusiasm” neatly and sneakily bridges the gap between art pop and musicianship, but not so you’d notice. It’s a combination of intelligent lyrics, intricate loops, thoughtful synth and pounding bass lines.

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen Yesterday’s Pupil live, all four of him rushing around the stage intense and grinning, that I can sense the seriousness with which he approaches his exhilaration. But then maybe also it’s just that “Errors Of Enthusiasm”  is just that damn good. Yesterday’s Pupil slips over so many different places within his style, layers and layers, that to try and summate what it is that you are hearing is missing the point, you should simply be listening and letting all the towns taken in on the drive be smiles on your face. I am being purposefully and quite simply oblique here. If you don’t instantly enjoy “Errors of Enthusiasm” you will come to, either that or you will never understand the difference between pop and pop culture. Simply put Yesterday’s Pupil makes your head dance.

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