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Cool to be Crap

Cool to be Crap

by Roger Young, images by Danielle Clough / 12.05.2010

Let’s just get this out of the way shall we? Jack Parow’s major artistic theme is his (assumed) identity. This leads to him saying Jack Parow a lot. But all artists generally have one major theme they like to explore at a time. The real question about Jack Parow is: How interesting, how engaging can he make it? Or more to the point; does the persona have longevity?

If you were to judge by the young Afrikaans girls in the front row; that danced like they were giving birth, twenty years too late, to the concept of hip hop itself, then you would say that Parow is some kind of godlike innovator. Make no mistake, the man on stage is a firebrand performer, he knows how to work a crowd, even on an off day. His surefooted rhyming is clever, humorous, self-depreciating and not too hard to follow.

The album launch at the Barnyard in Bellville on Monday night starts off odd, a strange man comes on stage and threatens us with the safety regulations. There are a few sound problems. A little way in Francois Van Coke stage dives and no one tries to catch him. But when Parow shouts out “Barnyard Hoe Lyk Dit?” I’m transported to another dimension. Is he taking the piss out of the fact that we’re in the freaking Barnyard or does he actually expect his young audience to ironically engage with the “zefness” of a venue better known for tribute shows? I can’t tell you. And this is the problem with cool-to-be-crap culture; how can you tell if its crap because it’s a joke or if it’s just crap? Is exploring zef just a punch line, a laugh, to no real purpose or expression?

Maybe it’s because he’s playing to a captive audience, those that love Bellville at any cost, and playing with some of Bellville’s finest, but there is something about Jack Parow (the concept, not the performer) on stage that is strangely lacking, smug and flat. The problem seems to lie with the musicians he surrounds himself with, many of them seem to just be sucking the life out of his own onstage energy, the largely pointless drummer looks good and knows it, so much so that when Hunter Kennedy on bass struts to the drums to do a rhythm section jam he is ignored. The alleged lip syncher Pierre Greeff stalks the stage, his vocals weirdly consistent and distant. Half the time it seems like the celebrity guests are just that, there for their celebrity not for what they add to the music. I don’t really care what the people on stage have done before, I care what they are doing while they are on stage, now.

It tends to come off as a rather large circle jerk except in very few cases. JR ups Parow’s game for “Ek Wens Jy Was Myne”, and while the backing tracks don’t have half the power they do on the album, for some reason the combo of the two on stage definitely makes the other guest appearances pale. “Hier’s Hy Nou” (another Jack-Parow-is-amazing track) with Le-Roi Nel is strangely cool live, so much better than on the album. But while so many guest artists haunt the stage, the piped in chorus for “Cooler As Ekke” made me yearn for actual backing singers. Often, it seems, what happens on stage is done for textual or marketing effect without paying too much attention to execution.

And then the dreaded moment arrives, the inevitable remix of “Cooler as Ekke”, it’s become a staple at Parow performances, this repeating of material without prompting and it comes across generally as laziness. But not tonight, he is joined on stage by electro duo A.M. Stereo and together they proceed to deliver a hard clean version of the hit. Parow is on his knees shouting into the mic, it’s no longer a self congratulatory onanistic ode but an angry, full of doubt questioning, suddenly the song has meaning beyond sarcasm, suddenly Jack Parow is for a brief moment “next level”, gloriously alive and beyond any notion of crap.

The access to a captive audience can make even the greatest musician lazy and Jack Parow’s Afrikaans kid followers seem more than satisfied with the revelation he brings to them, that it’s okay to be uncool, but how long can this be enough?

Now that the first album is out of the way, now that he has told us WHAT he is, I hope Parow starts to use the cred he has built up and his burgeoning skills and steps outside his comfort zone to start talking about WHY he is. Now that we know that everyone desires him, I’d like to know what he desires. And because all the evidence is there that he is so much better than what we are actually seeing, I’d like to see Jack Parow stop merely existing and step up to being magnificently alive.

Retraction: In an earlier version of this story the writer, Roger Young, claimed that Jack Parow performed a cover of the BVK song “Wat Skop Julle?“. He was incorrect in this assertion and would like to apologise for it. It has now been removed from the article.

All images © and courtesy Danielle Clough.

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  1. Met eish, ja says:

    Neels van Jaarsveldt in the red hoodie.

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  2. RickyDee says:

    Nail on the head. Great piece!

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  3. William says:

    Well said! I couldn’t agree more.

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  4. Anastassia says:

    hey that guy in the first pic below the story looks like fez. Dontcha think?

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  5. Anonymous says:

    I thought its all spoof?

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  6. Pierre Greeff says:

    I didn’t lyp synch and that’s a fact…to set the record straight! hopefully you can do better! thank you.

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  7. DMoney says:

    Concur 100%.
    More meat, less Zef Aromat please

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Fair enough, he’s not everyone’s cup of tea (or brannas) but is this piece more about the writer wanting to sound like he has a point of view or just plain trying to sound like a doos? His comments on popular culture are interesting and sometimes thought provoking and the beats do rock. Let’s not diss people just because we want to sound intelligent.

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  9. IS JA says:

    Would love to see wat he comes up with next
    Cause he actually a kak good rapper with mad flow

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  10. Boring says:

    Pierre maybe if you lip synch it will be better

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  11. Andy says:

    Pierre… there’s a rumour going around… that’s why Roger said “allegedly”. And that video is the source of it. You knock the mic out the way by mistake but your vocals remain strong and consistent… Can you explain that, instead of just denying it?

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  12. Anonymous says:

    His mic just has predictive voice recognition… duuuuh! Shame, just own the backtrack dude, it would be better!

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  13. Anastassia says:

    Anonymous 2 is so depressing. If i was Parow i would dig this article as being constructive and taking notice of every aspect of my show.

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  14. Barry says:

    Stage Diving was Funny…..!

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  15. Murray says:

    It seemed to me most people were there out of curiosity. There were only a handful of kids up front rhyming along and bouncing. I fear people are laughing at him rather than with him and Parow will have try very hard to turn that around.

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  16. jenny b says:

    I am just audience not musician……….I love South African humour so I find JP really funny, and I hope he carries onmaking us laugh for a long time. Yes he is young but he will grow up and his tune will change…………………JUST ENJOY THE SHOW

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  17. janette says:

    they say that it is better to be spoken about in the negative than not to be spoken about at all, so bleat on guys, but i honestly havent seen anything as fresh or original as this bunch come out of SA ever – and loved all the cameo appearances on Monday night. so ROCK ON Parow and friends

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  18. ra ka says:

    crapper as ekke

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  19. daddy fantastic says:

    I was at that show and i dont get this article at all. It was a great show and the fact that Parow was as sick as a dog and still managed to gooi it made it even better. Its also time the fans of his music and the so called curious get seperated.You were curious, you dont like it, now go away. It was entertaining and the guest appearences was awesome. So what Phillip(the so called largely pointless drummer) didnt jam it out with Hunter. So what if you dont like the way Pierre stalks the stage. The show wasnt about a band or the other artists it was about the guy with the long cap and the fact that he actually played with a band and all those cats and it sounded that good was nice. And for God sakes he was in the Banyard Theatre and he is afrikaans. What else was he supposed to say?

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  20. Dog says:

    Hey Daddy fantastic.
    You’re funny – because you’re right about the way you feel but you seem to have missed that Roger Young dug the performance. Growing the music industry means having critics that dont just say “the show was great” but give constructive criticism. Jacks awesome and every awesome artist evolves. Where to next seems to be the tone.

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  21. Vida says:

    wa ha ha ha, took me some time to figure out wtf that last photo is.

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  22. Dog says:

    Its a snake. wearing cheetah skin.

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  23. danielle clough says:

    @vida, It was one of the crazy front row girls Roger was talking about desperately trying to grab some Jack Parow flesh any time he came remotely close to her. I think at one point she tripped trying to fondle his casper shorts. Precious.

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  24. dylan says:

    I watched Parow and friends at the Klein Libertas Theatre last Friday, and it was good. Like really good. Hip hop has always been about braggadocio/ swagger so the big WHAT is the same as the all caps WHY. Stop trying to intellectualise something that’s doing a perfectly good job at what it’s supposed to do: entertain.

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  25. judy says:

    This is such a naked attempt to drum up a long boring comment thread that I’m hesitant to contribute – but hey work is slow and life is long. R.Young is not ‘good for the industry’. He’s a dispiritingly mediocre writer. He thinks he’s found a formula – flinging the ‘shit’ word at jobbing musicians. A chimp could do it. What’s good for the industry is remarkable bands, undeniable talent and an audience willing to pay and be challenged.

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  26. annon says:

    i think pierre’s silence says it all

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  27. filipa says:

    @judy – you should read dog’s reply to daddy fantastic…. maybe it would change your tune…

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  28. Judy says:

    I need some cock. And to stop taking myself so seriously.

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  29. sigh... says:

    why is it that people cant bare to have the music they like criticized?!?! rad, you like the music, but that’s you…
    roger makes some very good points, and isn’t actually slating Parow. deal with it….
    you’re still allowed to like the music. If you really liked the music for the music, and not as an attempt to immerse yourself in pop culture, then you wouldn’t care what he says.
    fuckin hipsters…

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  30. Kevin Goss-Ross says:

    HAHHAHAHAHA. Goddamn.

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  31. daddy fantastic says:

    Without sounding like Randy from american Idols but I get it Dog and i do agree that the artist needs to evolve, so im sorry if i missed the point there. If Parow makes a second album rapping about his cock again people will propably not buy it and i dont think he will. He is a clever chap.

    That said if you go watch for example a Jay-z concert and have to write an article about it and you come back and write that it was flat, smug and lacking because a) you didnt like the way the drummer and the bassist played together and b) you didnt like the way a guest artist performed on stage are you not missing the point. He might as well say he didnt like the time the show started and that they used to many red lights on stage.

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  32. Roger Young says:

    Now that you mention it, I did find that there was a little too much red light on the stage.

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  33. daddy fantastic says:


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  34. Facts says:

    Check your facts: “giving birth, twenty years too late, to the concept of hip hop itself” – hip hop was born in the early 1970s. Perhaps your experts should spend a little more time checking facts.

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  35. just wondering... says:

    did anyone try the pizza? apparently it’s good.

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  36. JP van der Spuy says:

    Ok dude listen, you got it all fucked up. First off, I truly believe you have little experience in the way afrikaans people party, what we enjoy and how we enjoy it. Clearly you don’t! Secondly, a lot of english people find it entertaining, whether they like to sing along or laugh at it, they are entertained by it.

    Checked Pierre’s link… BS, turn your head away and you can clearly hear it differentiate. possibly the backtrack that might me confusing, but there is no Lip-syncing.

    This sounds like a good article to anyone who doesnt understand the zef vibe or enjoys rap music and can understand a lil bit of afrikaans. You’re not the first dude that came up with all this “oh, is jack parow cool or not blah blah BS”… hence he launch his debut Album!

    So while you squirm about whether or not the Jack Parow as the brand has longevity, Jack Parow is selling out of CD’s/Shows countrywide and topping lists my friend! You probably don’t get the point I’m trying to make, but if you understood what you were writing about, you would not speculate about things that has no effect and can not be measured or predicted.

    btw, cool site.


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  37. jon monsoon says:

    i like the new Cypress Hill album. It’s zeph as phcuk.

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  38. Jus' Sayin' says:

    Yo! @judy

    Have you noticed that when RY writes about something that he believes is good then there are way less comments? Maybe it’s commenters like you who have found a formula? That is, when you see RY talking about some act’s flaws, you jump up and call RY shit. Why don’t people call him on it when he talks about act’s strengths?

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  39. Gladys Kravitz says:

    Indeed, Roger, indeed.

    I think that the Jack Parow brand took a very well timed jump onto the current incestuous afrikaans music bandwagon. I feel that should his next album be filled with as many Eminem-esque songs about how every guy wants to be him and every girl wants to sit on his oversized cap, he runs the risk of fading into novelty obscurity. He’s got the balls and he’s got the potential, let’s just hope that he explores a little further than ‘jou ma se poes’.

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  40. Mike says:

    Why can’t a guy make music, have it criticized, have the critic criticized, have the critic’s critic criticized, then say ‘why can’t the music’s critic’s critic’s criticized’? I mean, why can’t we? What’s that – we can? Oh we can. Oh I see. Why can’t we just accept that criticization is a normal thing to do? What’s that – we can? Oh I see we can ok. Why can’t, uh, why can’t a guy share an opinion on a blog without rabid fans defending the music he’s criticizing, and then having counter-critics saying why can’t he just share an opinion with people, and then the fans say you must be quiet and you don’t have to listen to it if you don’t like it, and then why can’t some people say why can’t this happen? What’s that – oh they can? Oh yes nice I see oh ok.Why can’t, uh, for instance, why can’t, I say why can’t I just say why can’t? I mean, why can’t I? I mean, c’mon. I mean, why can’t I just ‘why can’ting’ for a while, why can’t we all just get along? What’s that – we can’t? Why not? Oh, I see, because why can’t I mean just like, I mean, c’mon, why can’t I just sing a bit and then dance a bit oh I can oh ok.

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  41. kd says:

    “And this is the problem with cool-to-be-crap culture; how can you tell if its crap because it’s a joke or if it’s just crap?”

    Fucking brilliant. Great piece.

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  42. Anonymous says:

    Would be very curious to read your comments on Die Antwoord

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  43. Isolation says:

    Great piece Roger

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  44. Isolation says:

    Just want to point out to JP van der Spuy that his argument “you don’t understand how Afrikaans people party” or understand “zef culture” bares a lot of resemblance to Da Prez JZ and JUJU when defending shit they have done. They also used culture to hide behind in debate, because JP that’s what this is, an airing of opinion.

    You can’t comment on my culture, because you don’t understand it, oh pleaze!

    What’s next – Don’t touch me on my studio! Touch it JP touch it!

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  45. Klackerty says:

    I’m a female, 29-year-old, native Joburg English speaker.

    Tjeckit — if I was given the Jack Parow CD when I was younger, I would’ve passed Afrikaans. Vir seker. I love Parow. I think he gives a much-maligned social group a desirable veneer. He tells them, hey, its OK to drink spookdiesel and not Moet. It’s OK to rrrrol your rrrrrs. It’s OK to drive a kak car and have a kak cellphone. Not all of us can afford to shop at Gucci or Jenni Button and roll around in a fancy car. But, it’s OK. And for that alone, I fucking love the man. He’s restoring dignity. Hey, and did you notice how he can rap and rhyme and flow osso! Jissis, the guy is one smooth motherfucker. My future ex-husband, I hope! As for Die Antwoord, I likes them osso, but, I find them contrived. Jack Parow, on the other hand, is the real deal.

    Parow for prez!

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  46. Stumpy says:

    Jack Parow is the real deal. Except his real name is Xander Tyler.

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  47. Rant says:

    On the nail Roger, i’ve been mulling this new breed of s.a white kids producing irony art…where the longevity or the real irony in this whole shebang is i don’t know. artsits generally prdoduce works around the same theme their whole lives, and as wilde reflects that (haha) art mirrors the artist more than the society, so thereby if your whole technique, craft and philosophy is in reaction to yourself you either become a pitiful caricature of that illusion (eminem has proven that the contemporary send up can only last a few albums) or a flash in the pan money spinner that can either enjoy early retirement if their ego allows or reinvent themselves once again, thank god for pseudonyms. oh and the reason most of those ‘guests’ were there was because parrow is on hunter’s record label. in closing i prefer my artists raw filled with self hatred. even vaudeville had judy garland slicing her wrists when the night was blacker than it should have been and just like current day south africa, severely lacking in stars

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  48. Pierre Greeff says:

    Hos Pierre hierso weer , what went down was..ek het nie gelipsync nie en ja daar is extra backing vox op die track wat parow run by sy live shows.its like that..op hiers hy nou live with leroi and dans dans dans with francoois.nou ja.bly julle ouens gee om.o ja…ek luv musiek maak en thats that…keep it gangsta.last thing roger no brasse cover was performed at the show so next time listen up when actual music is being made or just words are being said by the artist from the stage.

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  49. J-Bird says:

    great article, to these clowns responding so defensively – try re-reading this and see that the writer leaves himself completely open to the possibility of Parow’s awesomeness, he’s simply expressing his uncertainty as to how he will pull it off.

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  50. sof ha-olam says:

    Reading all these comments I suddenly started thinking of Sasha Barren Cohen.
    There is a person who took on a persona, used it for entertainment and social awareness. (In his own genius kind of way) exposed cultures for what they were, and certain members of society for what they they are. The difference for me between JP and SBC , despite the musician part obviously, is that SBC understood the longevity of a character, Ali G ended, the Came Borat, then Came Bruno, he leaves people wandering who will come next. and I hope that Die Antwoord, JP and others who are pomping the ‘band’ wolkswagen, realise that characters have life spans, and constantly remain loyal to the most important purpose here, entertainment.

    Very cool as always reading these articles and comments. thanks mahala

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  51. Rumble Tumble says:

    AM Stereo I’m sure.

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  52. Rumble Tumble says:

    Pierre, lets cut the bullshit – everyone knows your singing is up to shit. If you could actually sing properly, there would be no need for a backing-track. Also, if you really believed in your ability to sing you wouldn’t come defend yourself on the comment section.

    Who gives a shit about that anyway. Your attitude sucks, everyone that’s dealt with you and isn’t in your clique knows it. Your father needed to give you a few more poes klaps over the head when you were growing up.

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  53. jon monsoon says:

    the new Phreshlyground album is dephinitely un-zeph

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  54. Roger Young says:

    @ Rumble Tumble – Thank you for coming back to me. I’ll make the change to AM Stereo.

    @ Pierre – Cool, you don’t lip synch, you sing to a vocal backing track. Nice explanation, makes very little sense, but ja, okay. more importantly, it wasn’t a BVK song? Shit, it really sounded like it was, and I asked a few other people too and they all thought so. Seeing as Zander is down with Chicken Pox can you tell me what song it was? It was, I think, about 2 tracks before you came out on stage.

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  55. Maria le Roux says:

    @rumble tumble: I can’t believe I am commenting on this mediocre article. Okay Rumble tumble.let’s rumble.Pierre was explaining what happened – you are making it personal.It sounds as if “someone” is a little jealous?Die heuwels is an electronic band. they make electronic music. Are you still with me rumble?I’ll slow down a little bit.Vocal backtracks are normal in this genre, especially if there is an effect on the voice.Its people like you that will always be the reason for stagnation. Negative, mean and uninformed.This article was on Parow’s launch- now you are suddenly talking about Pierre’s shit attitude and his dad and god knows what. You proved yourself to be a waste of time – thank you for that.

    @ Roger Young: I understand this is your job. Cheap shots though.The article was like writing a thesis essay on The Transformers.(you are smart, you know what I mean) I can also assume by your other articles that the “negative vibe” is your thing.Like it is also George Carlin’s thing. You have the right to write. I am sure online magazines count,kind off.But in case shit doesn’t work out – you will always have “brilliant young minds” like Rumble Tumble on your side.

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  56. Roger Young says:


    Cheap Shots? Which of my points are cheap shots? List them, I’m interested.

    Negative vibe? Are you another one of those people who only read the stories I write that have attracted “controversy”? Sometimes I can be a little nasty, esp to bands that have been around forever and still suck but i think most of my criticisms about Parow’s performance are about seeing the man’s skill but knowing he could be better. If I thought he was shit, I would have said so.

    Smart, maybe not so if this is my job. Apparently I live in a country where the love and critical appreciation of Pop Culture is seen as a bad thing. Here’s the deal. We have all these amazing fledgling acts that we praise the fuck out of. Then they decide they’re gonna go make it big overseas and they discover that they’re actually pretty average. They come home and end up guest starring on 7de Laan. I’m kinda tired of that happening, and you?

    As to the lip synching vibe.So many people have been talking about it since Ramfest. So I put it out there. If Pierre is happy and secure with this method of performance then so be it. But at least it stops the speculation. Audiences don’t like to think that they’re being deceived.

    Side Note: You’re plain wrong about the vocal backtracks thing being common in live electronic music. Most performers in this genre use effects pedals or have the effects added by the engineers to their live vocals. It allows for spontaneity on the night, it doesn’t lock them into having to do the song exactly the same every time. The Supra Familias group of bands have a captive audience because of the fact that they make “edgy” young music in Afrikaans. It allows them to be lazy and deliver substandard performances and be okay with that. If they’re cool with that then more power to them.

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  57. Wooof says:

    isnt Supra and Familia two skateboard brands ???

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  58. Wooof says:

    Good recycling of two famous brand names – if you are in the recycling business! o you’re in the music business ??? music recycling business ??? now i understand !

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  59. fokjou says:

    jack parrow doesnt take himself seriously and neither should you.

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  60. Walter says:

    Great article! I like Jack Parrow and I do agree that he is more an entertainer than a musician, but that is in itself a “general” concept.

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  61. Walter says:

    Two Walters?? I did not say that (above).

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  62. Fredley says:

    I am also from bellville and know all these guys quite well, not by being in school with them or being part of their “groups” but just by meeting them at bars and show etc. They are all very talented musicians and have done more for South African music than anyone else. Sure,they make afrikaans music and sure some people think they are just following a mold to what the masses want,but they are keeping afrikaans alive and showing the world that its not just Kurt Darren and Nicholas Louw that make music in Afrikaans. I have utmost respect for all of them. Music is a wonderfull thing to make, Parow has been making it for 9 years, struggling to survive. I bow to the man as he has stuck with it and finally made something happen. I have seen him rap in Mitchells plain with Donkermag and Klenched fist and being the only white person there (which does not matter,but must have been very intimidating). As for all his friends on stage with him, what is the use of making music if you cant involve your friends.

    @roger I have Parows new album and I was at the album launch (Where he only performed tracks off his album) and I have all 4 of brasse vannie kaaps albums and there is no track that has anything to do with a brasse track…one thing I heard is that on POTJIEKOS (Brasse vannie kaap) and BYELLVILLE (Jack Parow) they both use a trekorrel (a boeremusiek instrument) but this is only an instrument and can definetly not be seen as copying,because then everything is a copy of everything. Lyric wise and the construction and dupstep feel of Parow’s track has no resembelance to the brasse track. So they are completely different.But im sure to someone who does not understand or really know anything about a genre can mistake them for being the same.Like I think all house music sounds the same,but im sure only some of it does.

    Parow was also on a drip all day before the show,and I know this for a fact,because I saw him with my own eyes,and now he has chickenpox,which must be pretty damn kak.But thanx to the man for still dragging himself to stage and putting everything in and making it the best album launch/gig if seen in ages!

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  63. Klippies says:

    That was a drip filled with brandy and coke, Ha Ha

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  64. john says:

    music blog comment blah…

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  65. Ned Seagoone says:

    Mike: Genius. I like the cut of your jib.

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  66. mercedessosa says:

    Mike, love the way you think, hit it dead on. I’d like to congratulate instead of criticise the critic here though… is that still allowed? Seems like we all just have to bitch and whine about every well-written article… constructive criticism is necessary if we want a decent music scene in SA. And he was still being considerably complimentary at the same time, where deserved… fantastic article. Roger, you’re the bees knees. Thank you.

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  67. hmmm says:

    i think if jack parow locks himself into a room and listens to Why? instead of eminem for a month on end he’ll get that whitey hip hop can actually be quite engaging and multidimensional. Also, i don’t think Heuwels fans go to their shows expecting free jazz, so spontaneity is probably a fair tradeoff for vocal harmonies.

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  68. megan says:

    lets all be real please, the music scene in south africa is sh** in the sense that artists pay off and suck up to their friends to get their music playlisted on radio stations and pay publicists to put them in magazines and wam bam they are praised!! listen.. jack parrow is crap, any moron can rap in afrikaans to a beat and talk sh** and swear and be rude and wow he is like a dutch eminem! But he cant rap about deep stuff or be serious and no overseas feature but he is huge in SA?, thats because rappers in the states etc think the dude is a fat old guy and a joke! our music scene sucks because their is no competition and any moron can pick up a mic, pay off some djs and promoters and boom fame!!!! Now if you think im kidding _ Go ask any artist if they know someone on a radio playlist committee or they have a good publicist that they pay monthly to push their stuff.. YES YES YES.. the problem lies in us as consumers, we have never heard better local stuff so we assume crap like tokolosh and die antwoorde singing fken naairs is good stuff!!! what a load of crap honestly , jack parrow sucks and all you stupid skaapy die hard fans need to go buy a decent cd and figure it out for yourselves!!!! we need better music and artists that can feature internationally and perform internationally, like Kanye west could do a song with JUST GINGER and it would look good and proper! Kanye west does a track with JACK PARROW and you have an ugly fat wannabe drunk dude running around.. ha ha ha, yes he is a comedian maybe but not an artist!!!! I would rather force myself to listen to boyzone then this pathetic eminem afrikaans attempt!!! oh and PS: catherine the 5fm playlist head, wasnt she friends with parrow and his publicist from MK music channel? and his music was quickly playlisted on 5fm? hmmmm YOU SUCK BRUUUUU….

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  69. settle down. says:

    Megan, quite plainly, you are an ignorant cunt

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  70. tony says:

    awesome blog! megan you go girl. the guy or girl that used the word c*nt is probably a scrap junkie type of rubbish fan so bla bla bla. Jack parrow is rubbish and raps with a squeeky eminem sounding voice and for afrikaans die hard fans jack parrow is not his real name and he is actually english and rapped in english like an eminem wannabe for years before changing to afrikaans and claiming zef which he actually copied from the antwoorde. so big ups to die antwoorde and to megan for her true and honest opinion. To the person swearing at her you are a moron that needs a slap! Go read his bio and you will see him and yolandi and paddy/max normal of DIE ANTWOORDE used to rap together and he switched to afrikaans because he sucks as a rapper and couldnt sell a record and he does admit that Die Antwoorde helped him write his single KOOLER AS EKKE so in your face rude man! god bless

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  71. Derrick roads says:

    Im with the haters on this blog! That rap crap sucks big time! im afrikaans en i am seriously dissapointed bru, we let that scrap represent us? ehh boet we need some better tunes and a decent oke now imagine the world and other races think we are rubbish.

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  72. settle down. says:

    Just to clear it up, Im not defending Jack Parow, and am not a fan. Im referring to Megan’s views on the South African music scene as ignorant. You obviously have no real insight into what goes on behind the scenes of the industry, and next time, when you think you 360 plus word opinion is so valid you have to put us all through it, Have something factual and interesting to say.

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  73. Bianca says:

    Firstly, Megan, you’re a dumbass.

    Secondly, it all comes down to opinion. People have different expectations. Those who have less expectations go with the flow and have a great time and enjoy the music and show. Those with high expectations are critical and not easily impressed.

    No-one can say that Jack Parow is good or bad, this article is written purely on opinion, not fact. So I don’t know what all the fighting is about.

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