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Cooking For Your Fans

by Katie de Klee / Images by Alistair Barnes / 24.10.2013

Now here’s how to sell an album. You seduce your potential listener, you treat them like you’re on a damn hot date and you cook them the best fucking three course meal you know how to. And you offer them a vegetarian option. And you put rum in their pudding.

Last week Cape Town instrumental band We Set Sail did just that: guitarist and chef Marné Gelderbloem got sweaty in the kitchen while the rest of the band served the guests. Money from the tickets is going towards finishing off their new album Something About the Moon, which will be released later this year. Kraken Rum supplied the welcome drinks, City Soiree showed the diners to their seats and We Set Sail put together the menu.

We Set Sail

After supper, the band cleared some space amongst the tables and dimmed the lights, and they put on a little show. The songs have no lyrics (being on this particular kind of date is like staring over the candles into the eyes of the strong and silent type), but songs don’t need words to take you out of yourself and these boys are incredibly talented. It’s like whale song, it’s transcendent.

We Set Sail

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* Images © Alistair Barnes

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