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by Mahala Scribes / 06.06.2015

When the clock strikes midnight at the Rivertown Beer Hall on Friday, 12 June, we’ll be whipped up by a carriage of seashells and transformed into bopping salt shakers – dancing until our feet can keep us afloat no more! 340ml Soundsystem would have finally arrived in Durban and you don’t want to be late for this ball…

You might remember the Jozambican band 340ml for their early-2000, killer tracks like ‘Midnight’ and ‘Fairytales’.  The four band members Paulo Jorge Chibanga, Rui Soeiro, Pedro Pinto and  Tiago Correia-Paulo grew up in Maputo, Mozambique and arrived in Jo’burg in the 1990s where they later dropped two kickass albums, Moving (2004) and Sorry for the Delay (2008).

Although the band drifted apart, you’ll still find their tracks being whipped out at parties today and dalla’d on repeat. 340ml have that classic, breezy groove that will forever and always fill a room with good vibrations…

The band has since regrouped with one less member, calling themselves 340ml Soundsystem. Although still sticking to the unique musical style they solidified in the nineties, the band has suped things up just a notch by introducing more up-tempto, electro sounds. 340ml Soundsystem seem to roll naturally with the musical tide and that’s what we love about them. They don’t try too hard keep it cool. The real legends just are.

340ml Soundsystem will be rocking the Rivertown Beer Hall on Friday 12 June alongside Gren Semé (Reunion), Flavia Coelho (Brazil), Epic Empire (France) John Wizards (Rwanda/SA), Veranda Panda and Mi Casa. They’ll be washing their laid-back, Afro-jazz, dub, ska, electro, reggae groove over Durban and we can’t wait to ride the wave!

Rumour has it that the band name, 340ml, is derived from a measurement on a beverage can. Perhaps this is a testament to their fluidity and freshness and we can’t resist busting a cheers to that. Now take a ‘lil spin on that Mozambican mirror ball and see the ticket details down below. It’s (almost) about that time!


*Catch 340ml Soundsystem on Friday 12 June 2015 – Rivertown Beer Hall, Durban

Tickets: R80 presale / R100 at the door
Doors Open: 18h00

Line Up:
Gren Seme (Reunion)
Flavia Coelho (Brazil)
John Wizards (RSA/Rwanda)
340ml Sound System (Mozambique)
Mi Casa (South Africa)
Veranda Panda (South Africa)
Epic Empire (France)

Get your tickets for Day Two HERE!

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