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Clash at the Skyrink

Clash at the Skyrink

by Andy Davis / 17.08.2009

Here’s a concept that works. Take one of South Africa’s best, most original musical exports in the form of Tumi and the Volume and match them up against one of South Africa’s most proficient and well-loved indie rock outfits, The Dirty Skirts. Both bands have received wide-spread critical acclaim, here and abroad. Both have their own distinct audiences and have carved very tidy little musical niches for themselves. And most importantly there is very little overlapping of their crowds.

So Red Bull have come up with this idea of a Sound Clash. Tumi and the Volume vs. the Dirty Skirts. They got the two bands in studio a few weeks back to work out some synergies, but also to stoke up the rivalry and get them to start slagging each other off, taking their marketing putsch to a whole new level.

On the level, it’s rock vs hip hop, but underlying the SoundClash idea is that each of these bands’ music, on some level, will appeal to the other’s fan base. What’s really exciting is the way they’ve structured the gig. You’ve basically got two stages on either side of the Carlton Ice Rink in downtown Jozi. Yip, remember the Carlton Skyrink?! I thought so. So you’ve got the two bands playing at the same time, alternating songs, trying to outdo one another track by track, using the crowd response as a barometer. They’ll be battling it out and performing some tracks together. This gig has the potential to be one of the best, most unique nights of South African music in a very long time.

Better than that, an opportunity to put on a show with two of South Africa’s best loved acts on a proper sound rig, in a unique venue, with awesome marketing – all playing to a big, appreciative genre-defining crowd. This is going to be huge. And hopefully, other promoters and brands will take a few tips from how the energy drink run tings.

Tumi escalates things to a whole new level while on tour in France

Red Bull SoundClash takes place on Saturday 22 August at the Carlton Skyrink in downtown Jozi.

Win a set of Double Tickets by emailing andy@mahala.co.za and explaining why you’re worthy. Make it good.

Otherwise you can buy your tickets here!

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  1. Mandla says:

    I have to be hear…

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  2. Mandla says:

    It`s confirmed i`ll definitely be there.

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  3. dePravin says:

    Tiago is such a gaylord, wonder how long before he starts doing loreal ads

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  4. rudie says:

    what an awesome idea!

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  5. rudie says:

    wicked! go skirts

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  6. julius says:

    Why is there a chartered accountant sitting next to Tumi in the one picture? Is he making that much money already?

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  7. Carol Reed says:

    Already? you mean Still?

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  8. Andy says:

    The CA looks like he’s wearing fake glasses

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  9. Lithebe says:

    msanzi 4 sho

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