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City Bowl Mizers - Dollar and Pound

Dollar and Pound

by Roger Young / 29.06.2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, the rumours are untrue, not only are The City Bowl Mizers not breaking up, they have already recorded a new single. Here it is. It’s pretty sweet. They’re still broke. Marty is still hot. Ally is still trouble. Kurt is still Brian Wilson. Matt is still on drums. Mole is still named after a blind underground rodent. All is right with the universe. Now let’s wait another five years for the next album…

PS: There were no rumours, I just needed a lead for this write up.

City Bowl Mizers – Dollar and Pound (2011) by citybowlmizers

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  1. the informer says:

    I seriously dont care whether or not the City Bowl Mizers are breaking up, I dont think very many people do, so do us a favour and fuck off. Thanks.

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  2. optional says:

    it’s kak

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  3. dudie says:


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  4. Anonymous says:

    uh, actually, mole played drums. and matt was on guitar. But they got a new drummer now. so you lost the plot a little there roger.

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  5. your mom says:

    but you care enough to comment, the informer (a licky boom boom down)
    i’m sorry you never got a childhood because your dad beat you with his cock across your face, but don’t take it out on some kids trying to do their own thing in the world, instead of being dicks on a comment board.

    but yeah, what a shit fucking disgusting song, it’s truly the worst drivel i’ve heard in a while. makes rebecca black sound fucking talented… see, i can also slate without giving constructive criticism and just bumming people out.


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  6. Anonymous says:

    who cares.
    happy clappy feel good music has no place amongst integrity. you can have a good time at a braai. you cant maserpiece a piece of boerewors.

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  7. RapeCamp says:

    This song got me Erect.

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  8. theinternet says:

    The anonymous guy speaks of integrity?

    What a douche.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    An opinion that only becomes relevant when attached to a name is, if anything, bathed in far less integrity. If a name is more important then the message, then the message is mute.

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  10. theinternet says:

    that is a very adolescent theory dude. with absolutely NO integrity.

    you’re a douche. let’s face it.

    could not give less of a fuck about this band, this artcile, or these comments. your comment just stood out as a shining example of dickwadery on the internet. keep it up.

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  11. Janice says:

    Love how even in 5 sentences Roger manages to fuck shit up. Roger whats your job again? Do you do ANY research or is Mahala something you do between failed attempts at choked wanks? Fuck sakes man

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  12. Caddy says:

    @Anon Happy feel good music has no place amongst poeses.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Caddy: Learn to play that guitar now old man, you need some skills to match your ego.

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  14. Caddy says:

    Guitar? What are you talking about?
    You need a name to match yours, buddy.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    @Theinternet: it’s a theory. it doesn’t need integrity.

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  16. FUCKMAHALA says:

    roger young you are a kunt. you can’t write. you are fat. balding piece of shit. and i hate you

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  17. Cadillac says:

    Anonymous: Real mature…

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  18. Anonymous says:

    Calling out someone elses maturity levels: even more mature!

    Hey Mizers, since i at least got caddy to shed a little tear, can I win at least a little bit of your prize?
    I suppose to claim it i just have to give you my name, RIGHT???

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  19. the nipple says:

    The mizers are arrogant rockstars who don’t get paid!

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  20. TalkieTalk says:

    My comment has now lowered the average of fat child molesting eunuchs who have commented. I am hero.

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  21. PoorlyExecutedScreenName says:

    I sense a lot of small penises floating around this comments section…

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  22. Damn says:

    “i’m sorry you never got a childhood because your dad beat you with his cock across your face…”

    Hilarious. I’m gonna use this at the next jock braai. Schweeeet!

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  23. Anonymous says:

    Why exactly are people getting so vicious here? It’s a five-line write-up introducing a song. There’s nothing controversial, no provocation etc. So why has this lead-in attracted so much hate? Nastiness.

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  24. Luke says:


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  25. Anonymous says:

    Mostly, i think, cause the mizers suggested we do? apparently there is a prize!

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  26. DontTestLordFinesse says:

    so much hate, lmao! You dudes take it to another level. Hahahaha Dankie PoorlyExecutedScreenName.

    Sipho Khumalo

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  27. wow says:

    this is the best comment thread i’ve read all year on mahala.

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  28. We Are Not Anonymous says:

    youtube quality up in here. give me a horns up if you didn’t even listen to the track

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  29. citybonermizers says:

    Pretty insulted by the lack of abuse here.

    So far it’s been retards posting pointless, unconvincing half-flooks…

    Eagerly awaiting the crippling blow.

    Bring da muthafuckin’ ruckus.

    the talentless try-hard waste of time have no place in music bowl mizers.

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  30. citybonermizers says:

    …excluding some of the dudes at the top of this thread, who genuinely just do not dig the song. That’s lukkah. I mean, hey, there are some shit fucking bands in this country, releasing some shit fucking songs. And to alot of cats, we’re one of them. How it is, man. Totally fair. But seriously, some of these anonymous fuckwads are just…sorry. But at the end of the day, let’s not shit ourselves – this (talking smack about smack on Mahala) is fun.

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  31. SMACK DADDY says:

    I hate you all and I want to comment about that because I am so damn important.

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  32. Anonymous says:

    big egos, small music.

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  33. naughty bruce says:

    i once ate a turd

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  34. F ToolStop says:

    More meaningless shit that’ll live and die in durban… Maybe there is a god.

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  35. FEAR BONER says:


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  36. T. says:

    rad song. rad band.

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  37. Bob P says:


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  38. Jeses says:

    Cunts! What a bunch of cunts! Wait…

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