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Call Me Al

by Alastair Thomas / 13.09.2013

We’ve got such a boner for Shortstraw right now. After our online tiff and the subsequent online make-out sesh, we asked frontman Alastair Thomas to make us a mixtape of all the tunes that make him hot ‘n horny right now. This is what he sent back. And no, Jesse Clegg and Matthew Mole didn’t make the cut, in fact only one South Africa did. (Was that too cunty?)

“As soon as I started putting it together I thought I was doing a DJ set.” Explains Al. “So it’s all pretty upbeat, hence no Mole on there. It’s pretty varied in terms of genre though. I wanted it to stay fresh, as though you’d hear it in a bar that has a dance floor. Palma Violets are a band that a friend who lives in England introduced me to. They’re totally bringing grunge back and I think it’s fucking awesome. Best of Friends is the opening track on their latest album. Japandroids won best album of 2012 on pretty much every reputable blog/magazine in the world, so it was a no brainer to put them on. Do I have to do this for all the tracks? I’m feeling pretty lazy, hey. So… The rest of the tracks are bands that I’ve stumbled across through the internet or been introduced to by friends. The only local band that’s on there is The Aztec Sapphire, who I think are fucking amazing. They’re youngsters too, which makes it even more impressive. I reckon they’ll be huge. Like Matthew Mole huge. The common denominator is the Converse competition. I think they should win. Seacrest out.”

Mahala | Call Me Al Mixtape by Mahaladude on Mixcloud


1. Palma Violets – Best of Friends
2. Japandroids – The Nights of Wine and Roses
3. Delta Spirit – California
4. Kodaline – Love Like This
5. Hop Along – Sister Cities
6. Little Comets – Jennifer
7. Jagwar Ma – Come Save Me
8. Wavves – Afraid of Heights
9. FIDLAR – Cheap Beer
10. Aztec Sapphire – Conflicted
11. Funeral Suits – Florida
12. Last Dinosaurs – Honolulu

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