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Brainwarmth | Look At My Gun

by Max Barashenkov / 24.11.2011

Brain Warmth’s music is made for weekday wake and bake sessions, for ditching work to lie in bed with a girl, for the disarming honesty of dreams. It’s not quite hip hop, nor is it anything like the glitch rap of P.H.fat – the band that many may know Mike Zietsman from. This record is more of an aural expression of a creative mind, confused and talented, wanting more from the world and, at the same time, withdrawn into one’s own paranoia and fears. The sentiment of “I just want to spark something that’s bigger than me, til I breathe flame or speak to the trees”, expressed on the track “Bloodnose”, is one that many of us share, yet few have the balls to voice, in fear of accusations of childishness or idealism.

Brainwarmth – 01 – Floaty Girl by Brainwarmth

Brainwarmth – 04 – bloodnose by Brainwarmth

On second listen, it becomes apparent that Brain Warmth simply don’t care about your expectations – they flirt with spoken word, throw in a rhymed verse here, a steady beat there, then unexpectedly slip into an ambient interlude. It opens with “Floaty Girl”, essentially a love poem set against the backdrop of noise and piano, a piece that is much revealing about the character of the enigmatic PHfatfrontman.Zeitsman, in his lyrics and experimental tendencies, is without doubt influenced by the work of Jonathan “Yoni” Wolf, the creative force behind such US-based project as WHY?, clouddead and Reaching Quiet, and that is not, in any way, a bad thing.

Brainwarmth – 03 – Rae-Gun by Brainwarmth

Brainwarmth – 10 – Mike’s day from the point of an ant by Brainwarmth

Brain Warmth proceed to kick out the jams with “Rae Gun”, a Beastie Boys-tinged number recorded with a two-string guitar and full of skate-brat energy. The record is superbly self-indulgent, with tongue-in-cheek tracks like “Mike’s Day From The Point Of An Ant” refusing to conform to any formula, genre or trend and climaxing in a bizarre distorted groove. Brain Warmth is experimentation at its peak – definitely unique and aimed no further than a small circle of friends.

Download the full album here for free.

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