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Au Revoir Simone

by Roger Young / 08.08.2009

David Lynch doesn’t tweet often. When he does it’s either a meditation awareness message or an announcement for a new episode of The Interview Project. So when he tweeted his love for a band called Au Revoir Simone I had to hear them. To my immediate dismay I discovered they were from Williamsburg in Brooklyn, that den of the painfully hip. I bought it anyway, because I trust David.

Three ladies, three keyboards, a drum machine, vocal harmonies. They’re kinda like Vangelis meets Saint Etienne. They’re twee and they swell and soar through layers of synth like candy floss. There is little dark about ARS; even the sadness tinged aural tide of “Shadows” is tempered by a poppy beat and lyrics. “I’m moving on, I hope you’re coming with me”. But they are far from an upbeat happy pop band. There is something in the light density of tone that evokes a sad whimsy, something to do with the breathy vocals bass-less-ness of the drum machine. Listening to them is like floating away on a summer cloud.

It would be easy find ARS’s hipness painful if one took it to heart too much. On first listen Still Night, Still Light is disposable and inessential, but something in its overly simplistic introspection and driving melodies brings me back again and again. In fact, driving is the perfect thing to be doing while listening to ARS. It’s perfect music for a drive to beach, while thinking of those mild and delicious forgotten hook-ups.

Standout tracks include “Shadows” and “Trace A Line”, which can be bought here: http://www.aurevoirsimone.com/

Listen to some tracks here: www.myspace.com/aurevoirsimone

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