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Asleep in Transit

by Karl Kemp / 06.07.2012

My initial impression of this self-titled EP is that of an established indie-pop band that accidentally leaked some acoustic demo tapes from their difficult second album. But then some auto-tune warbles and a synthesizer bleep bloops in the background and I’m forced to concede that this is indeed the extent of Asleep in Transit’s sound. Though not without its own shine, the EP is strongly reminiscent of Wrestlerish and even Isochronous, leaving it a bit stale in comparison. Neither of the two vocalists have particularly strong voices, although they gel together beautifully throughout the entire acoustic quirk-fest. The song structures are quite mature more often than not and the major-cum-minor guitar work isn’t half bad either. It’s difficult to balance this kind of emotional backdrop with the obstinate studio hand-clap snares and quaint but overdone lyrics. Wrestlerish produced an admirable effort but this was largely due to the originality and skill with which it was pulled off. Bits of Postal Service here and there are audible as well. Although the xylophone never quite kicks in proper, I spent the entire album waiting for it. The music is soft, listenable and pleasant, but becomes bland through its own cuteness, kind of like a three month relationship. Then again, it’s those kinds of people who are going to be quoting these lyrics to each other and sharing this music in any case.

*But who gives a shit what I think, get their free EP HERE and decide for yourself.

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