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Almost Famous

by Nolan Stevens / 04.10.2013

I came across an all girl rock band not too long ago that played well, looked fly and had actual stage presence. When Colour Me Kacey took the stage of Edenvale’s Boston Rock Lounge even the hardcore okes in their wife-beaters who’d made the mission in the cold to check out the other band with those metal guys couldn’t help but to bob a head in acknowledgement of the music. A five piece female rock act who are as easy on the eyes as they are on the ears. Colour Me Kacey is one of the Jozi live music scene’s well kept secrets. But that won’t last too long. I caught up with the band’s Kelly Oberholster after their gig at Edenvale’s Boston Rock Lounge to find out more…

colour me kasey

MAHALA: Colour Me Kacey? What’s the story behind the name?

COLOUR ME KACEY Kacey is a Gaelic word meaning bravery and courage. We love the imagery of ‘colouring’ ourselves in bravery and courage, with both being a very necessary part of life today..

Who is Colour Me Kacey?

The band is made up of Jessica Kinnear belting out the Vocals , Kelly Oberholster on Rhythm Guitar, Candice Warnasuriya on Lead Guitar, Larissa Ferreira on Drums, and Nicole Abrams on Bass.

How would you describe your sound to those who haven’t heard your music?

We all have very difference tastes in music, for example, we like country, indie rock, post hardcore, alternative and even classical music. A combination of these influences is what gives us a unique sound that we can’t really narrow down to one genre. We generally go by “pop rock”, but we prefer to just call it “Colour Me Kacey”.

Do the songs you write have a common thread or subject?

We each give something of ourselves when we write a song. For the most part, we’re all in the same space in our lives, so our common thread is our life experiences, i.e. love, loss, friendship and life in general.

What would you say sets your band apart from other SA all girl rock bands the likes of Japan and I?

We would say the Colour Me Kacey sound that we spoke about earlier is what sets us apart. We find that most SA all-girl bands tend to have that old school rock & roll feel to their music, whereas we try to have a more melodic, pop rock feel to our songs, with the aim of being a little more relevant.


How do the many advances in technology influence your creative process, in terms of writing your music and performing live?

Our creative process is simple and is definitely a group effort. One of us brings a catchy guitar riff to practice and then the band comes up with the rest of the song together. We find it works best this way when writing songs and performing live, because it’s a team effort from the conception of the song. We try to keep our music as simple and genuine as possible, so at the moment, we don’t make use of any technology when writing and performing live.

You are yet to release your EP, how do you see the face of music changing towards record labels with the increase of programmes such as SoundCloud and MySpace?

We are definitely in favour of online platforms like MySpace and SoundCloud. It’s great, self-managed exposure for bands, without us having to sign to record labels we don’t know much about. Back in the day, you needed a record label to get your music out there, and that has definitely changed for the better. If a band has direction, dedication and is equipped with an effective marketing strategy, there is no doubt that, locally at least, they can make it happen on their own without a label. The end goal for any band is to be signed to a reputable label, but making yourself known in the industry can be done independently, if you do it right. We aim to do this.

Where to from here for Colour Me Kacey?

We are going to take over the airwaves! As soon as our EP is done, we plan on distributing it to the radio stations and other important people in the industry. We are also in the process of shooting a music video for our single “It Only Takes a Second”. From there… the sky is the limit!

Catch these ladies soon and do the “I knew ‘em before they were famous” thang. Or, do what the other many hordes of fans/friends and followers are doing – stalk them on one of their many social media networks they use.

* Check out their social nets; twitterfacebook and the Colour Me Kasey blog for more info on gigs and news.

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