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by Dave Glover and Duncan Park / 11.12.2015

Dave Glover and Duncan Park (a.k.a Dave & Duncan) are a saucy new psychedelic-folk-blues duo hailing straight from the Grahamstown gulleys. These highly skilled trip cats rip on guitar, ukulele, pennywhistle and harmonica; resuscitating bitter-sweet blues from the stoep, the art of fingerpicking seduction and the magic of folktales. Dave & Duncan have just released their second demo album about rats, wizards and a gent named Jimmy. Pour yourself a whisky and gather ’round. It goes summin’ like this…

The Treacherous Tales of Jimmy

by Dave Glover and Duncan Park

A strange boy called Jimmy is born in a drum of black oil and grows up with the single desire to join the biker gang, the Thunderskanks. He makes his way into the gang and rises through the ranks only to find… (Track 01 – Jimmy And The Thunderskanks) that it was all just a dream, and that he is in fact an unloved boy with terrible parents who don’t care about him in their rat infested house of misery (Track 02 – Quiet As A Mouse). Jimmy decides to ditch his family and their rusty red house and he hits the road seeking adventure (Track 03 – Red House Rust)…

Now that Jimmy is travelling on his own he has the misfortune to encounter one of the seven Deadly Wizards (of whom we previously sang on our album Rain, Shame and Other Fables) who goes about spreading hate and swindling people into doing his dirty deeds for meagre currency (Track 04 – The Wizard’s Return).

Luckily Jimmy manages to escape the Wizard and makes tracks down a road previously travelled by The Rider. Long ago the Rider avenged the murder of his wife only to be hunted down and hanged on the dusty road upon which Jimmy is travelling (Track 05 – The Rider).

Along the dark and dusty road Jimmy is confronted by more wizards who force him to face and embrace the less desirable aspects of his personality. So begins the downward spiral of Jimmy’s unfortunate life (Track 06 – More Wizards).

Here we meet Jimmy’s wife. A lady of the night who knows how to use her body to, well, get what she wants! From here, Jimmy’s life starts to revolve around meeting her every demand and desire (Track 07 – She Gets What She Wants).

Jimmy is now middle aged and has grown fat off the poverty of others. We now discover that Jimmy is a tall, strange being who cannot talk (Track 08 – Jealous Moon).

Jimmy begins to question his path in life and realises he no longer knows who he is or what it is he wants from life. The song is an expression of our hero’s mid-life crisis (Track 09 – Where Am I Going?).

Jimmy’s beloved dog and companion, Moose, passes away. The song is Jimmy’s lament for Moose’s journey to the land beyond (Track 10 – Moose).

Jimmy comes home to find his wife dead. He decides to embark upon an epic journey to avenge her death. His quest does not find any resolves for the passing of his wife, but reveals to him something far more unexpected and sinister (Track 11 – Jimmy The Sailor).

A lament for Jimmy, and for us, to meditate on the life and times of our tragic hero (Track 12 – Cellphone Blues).


(but really just the beginning innit)


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*Lead Image © Chiro Nott

**Spoof image sourced from the heavens

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