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Violet Tendencies

by Bianca Fernandes / 19.10.2010

A romantic comedy that could quite easily go up against the big cliche-filled stereotypical dogs of lighthearted cinema. The story of a single aging fag-hag, that’s a straight female who’s life is surrounded by gay men, for all of you who don’t roll in any fag circles. Violet, the storyteller, becomes an outcast of the heterosexual world. Her life infected by gayness and no longer able to relate to “her own kind”, she stretches herself into something completely different to try and find her man. After trials and many a comical scene she finds out what her own kind really is, leaving your heart-warmed.

A less stereotypical, more delightful version of the stay-away-from low budget gay comedies we are used to, this offer all the greatness of usual rom-coms, with some added gay themes and uniqueness thrown in to create something quite enjoyable indeed.

With all the gay slang you could wish for, gay or straight, you are bound to learn a few new lines for your vocab. Humorous and cute, Violet Tendencies addresses issues every aging viewer can relate to, and younger viewers can only prepare for. It’s got a Sex And The City vibe that could really make this movie a big one this festival. It promotes being who you are, growing up and the culture of sluts in the big city and commitment-phobia and latter day dandy-ism of the gay world. Orgies, Aids, gay fathers and phone dating. A lot funnier than you would think. A little drama, a little nakedness, a lot of fun.

The film was directed by Casper Andreas, who also stars as one of the mains, and will be guest speaking at the screenings. It runs for 99 minutes in English.

* Casper Andreas will be guest speaking tonight, Tuesday the 19th at 7 pm at Nu metro Hype Park, JHB and in Cape Town on Saturday the 23rd at 7.30 pm at The Foxy on Broadway.

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