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This Horror is so Gay

by Bianca Fernandes / 14.10.2010

This year’s Gay and Lesbo film festival is upon us and the terror is already manifesting in every bible-thumping mother. Last year’s festival saw all street posters advertising the event torn down and perhaps burnt and sent to hell, like the rest of us, so the theme this year is Horror. The old school horror film posters bring back the screeching, dancing, show tune loving monsters of the 60s, and closing your eyes definitely won’t make them go away.

Staying with the theme of naked shrieking terror, this year’s festival features films that tackle topics like gay for pay hustlers, murder, love, loneliness as well as the stock standard big gay musicals. As always, this year’s films are more intense, more colourful and more point-driven than any other film festival out there. What struck me most about the films on offer, international and local, are the pertinent soundtracks that really work to develop each film’s mood and message. Truth is most of these films could compete with any mainstream movie in the cinema this year. But as usual the majority of film goers will stay away from such openly gay subject matter. Gay topics, as always, are universal: coming out, staying out, going out and having sex. But the approach to these topics has evolved and developed over the years and the festival always serves up something new.

Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

The festival kicks off on the 14th, in Jozi at Nu metro in Hyde Park and The Bioscope at Arts on Main, and next week Thursday, the 21st, at Nu metro V&A Waterfront and The Foxy on Broadway. Opening night includes the South African premier of Loose Cannons, an Italian film about family values and coming out. Alas, the event is for invited guests only, so for those of us not on the list, screenings start the next day with 4 films premiering, including a double feature of 2 local films, The Cutter, a homage to South African filmmaking and a story of self-mutilation, along with A Kind of Language, which dives into the issue of Cape Town hustling and homeless crisis.

Some screenings include guest speakers from the films, including actors, directors and producers. Get your hands on an Out in Africa Festival booklet, choose from the 8 designs, read up on the happenings and pick your fancy.

Watch out for the brilliant Amphetamine, a powerful, captivating piece that drags your mind into the film. Another masterpiece of beauty and despair, with a message of hope is Beautiful Darling, a doccie about the life and times of Andy Warhol superstar and transvestite, Candy Darling.

Remember the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is not just for Adam and Steves, Ally and Eves but all you hetero Adam and Eves are invited too. Who knows you may even enjoy yourselves. The festival runs for 17 days, screening 7 locals, 24 internationals and 7 shorts. They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere! There is no place to hide!

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