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The Cost Of Love

by Bianca Fernandes / 01.04.2011

It’s Out In Africa time again and this year’s Gay and Lesbian Film festival will be split into three parts running throughout the year. Part One starts today, April 1st, simultaneously in Jozi and Cape Town. 8 features and 2 short films makes for a lot of celluloid prostitution, drag queens, gay love, gay sex, gay marriage and more prostitution. It’s time to get in touch with your sexuality through film, once again. And this time it’s a lot more interesting.

The Cost Of Love

If you’ve ever wanted to know what goes on in the mind of that aging gay prostitute that hangs out in the men’s sauna at your gym, then this film will explain it all. The Cost of Love takes a whole new perspective on the effects of prostitution from the first person narrative of a cockney callboy. Pushing 30, the news of his best friend’s marriage makes him evaluate his lifestyle and reveals the theme of sex versus love. Lady Gaga lookalike and drag queen, Estée Applauder, gives the film some colourful livelihood and introduces us to her mother, a sad drunken character with remorse for her fancy boy son.

The film runs similar to a Guy Ritchie British Thug action comedy, except instead of car chases and burning caravans, the narrator finds himself being part of a string older mens’ sexual fantasies, while confronting his own issues with normalcy. For a guy who claims to love sex, and lots of it, our protagonist doesn’t seem to be enjoying it at all, which raises some interesting questions for the character and audience members alike. Ending with the hackneyed dramatic twist British cinema lovers have come to expect in their films, nothing much really seems to develop, but you walk out of the film understanding just a little bit more about a world that seems so very far away from ours. Or not.

The Cost Of Love

*Directed, written and produced by Carl Medland, The Cost Of Love runs for 83 minutes and is showing this Saturday, the 2nd, at Nu Metro Waterfront in Cape Town and Nu metro Hyde Park in Jozi.

**The Festival starts tonight with the festival premiers of Bloomington and Strapped. Go to OIA for more details.

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