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The Big Gay Musical

The Big Gay Musical

by Bianca Fernandes / 20.10.2010

Part big gay musical, part big gay film, this story of two lead actors is intertwined with their off-Broadway play, titled Adam and Steve. A play I would enjoy seeing in a real theatre, it addresses topics of religion, the traditional way of thinking and the parent-scare factor of being “out” to everyone except the ones who raised you. One side ultimate comedy, the other side real life drama, the film is a nice combination of both, sometimes feeling like you’re watching two very different films simultaneously.

These days gay virgins seem very hard to come by, in cinema and gay bars. This is a central storyline of The Big Gay Musical exploring the consequences of first time, fast hook-ups and no love gloves. The film also pokes at the hierarchy of ‘tops’ and ‘bottoms’ in the man on man social scene. Literally. I would give the nakedness rating 3 out of 5 which is rather low for this genre, but quite appealing to non-gay viewers. The subtleness of the naked scenes is fitting with the thrown-in-your-face issues of the musical, which is cleverer, more inventive and funnier that you could imagine.

The musical is a hilarious adaptation of everything religious, beginning with the creation of man on man, all the way to today’s homophobic traditionalists. The film also takes a shot at addressing the concept of being gay promiscuity, a very common topic in gay films, always ending in the same conclusion. Loneliness. Teaching us the good lesson that lust fades but love is forever.

*Directed by Casper Andreas and Fred Caruso, the film runs for 90 minutes in English and screenings include guest speaker, Casper Andreas.

**See it tonight in JHB at Nu metro Hype park, 9.15 pm or in Cape Town on Friday, the 22nd at 8.30 pm at The Foxy on Broadway.

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