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Partners / Les Complices

by Bianca Fernandes / 15.10.2010

This stereotypical French film has everything you’d expect – prostitution, love and violence caused by an excess of passion. When a young man is mysteriously found floating dead, two cops start their investigation, which turns out to affect them a lot more than they anticipate.

Much like a slow-paced episode of CSI, the story plays on a double-strand, showing before and after, cause and effect, slowly unfolding the mystery. Oh, what good looking boys will do for cash. The two cops, growing old and lonely, provide the narrative and prove that it isn’t just an over-run episode of an investigative drama, it all has a point and shows the difference between old love and young passion.

The plot slowly unravels to expose an internet porn ring, a young schoolgirl having her first experience in the world of prostitution and all that surrounds it, giving us a glimpse into the lives of aging French cops who realize how lonely they have become through the investigation of a young rent boy’s murder. It’s a collision of four personal stories.

The low toned, mostly vocal, soundtrack gives you a feeling of guilt, shame, and will leave you perhaps even a little creeped out.

As in most of the films this year, it’s honest, it’s raw, and there is a lot of ass and penis, but all add to the impact, and for some of you, pleasure, the film has to offer.

Directed by Frederic Mermoud, the 2009 film runs for 90 mins in French with English subtitles.

*See it tonight at 8.45pm at the Bioscope in JHB, or Tuesday the 26th of October at Nu metro V&A at 8.30 pm.

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