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by Johann M Smith / 14.06.2011

Of all the claptrap written and filmed about the infamous and elusive G-Spot, this documentary really hits the, uh, nail on the head, so to speak. It unravels the history, hype and controversy around this anatomical pleasure centre and also offers a step by step, detailed guide on how to find it.

So does it really exist? Well it does and doesn’t. Which goes someway to relieving much of the hysteria surrounding the Graffenberg-Spot, since it first became public knowledge in the 1980s, and has subsequently frustrated millions of couples in bedrooms worldwide as they try in vain to find something which has been described as the “Everest” of sexual experience. The reality is more complex.

“The publicity on the G-spot raised the bar on what people expect from sex” says Dr. Leonore Tiefer. “There doesn’t seem to be too much common sense when it comes to sexuality. The media can do a lot of harm. Claims were made from the very beginning. Giving people the impression that there is something they’re missing.”

Once you’ve sat through all the interviews, feminist speeches and historical background, the documentary gets down to business. What follows is a series of doctors searching for the little button using 3D imaging, Hollywood plastic surgeons injecting collagen into the frontal walls, female ejaculation workshops, brain scans during orgasms. All of it enough to satisfy the curious hedonist and sexually frustrated alike

*G-Spotting: A Story Of Pleasure And Promise will be screening in Cape Town on the 14th, 17th and 25th of June at Nu Metro V&A and in Jozi on the 20th at Nu Metro Hyde Park in Jozi.

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