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Camp Staaldraad

by Nathan Zeno / 12.09.2009

Like the smell of cordite when a bullet pierces your shoulder, the news this week that bought me to the sharp realisation that somebody out there just doesn’t like me that much is that “Popular Afrikaans rock group Staaldraad, whose debut album won the sought after “Huisegenoot Tempo” for favourite Rock Album of 2009, are hopeful that their first foray into the movie industry will be equally successful.”

To illustrate just how out of touch with popular culture I must be I must point out what I found most disturbing about this little bit of PR. There is a band called Staaldraad! A band named after an infamous rugby training camp? Surely not? The other little nugget of information that was new to me was that the Huisgenoot Tempo award was “sought after”.
I have always thought of that honour as imposed upon.

It’s nice that they’re hopeful, it’s the equally successful part that worries me. What kind of cinematic achievement would equate to “equal success” with the Huisgenoot Tempo Award?

“Directed by Wimpie van der Merwe, “Karate Kallie – Die Hele Movie” is a spin-off of the short film, which has developed something of a cult following from its frequent airings on M-Net since 2007. The short film also received numerous awards at film festivals and has spread as far as the DRC, Tanzania and Afghanistan.”

Thankfully, it seems, Staaldraad are not making this film, merely performing some of the songs, because the fact that they have to point out that, “The theme song for the new romantic comedy “Karate Kallie – Die Hele Movie” was not only performed by the group, it was written by
lead vocalist John Tinke and bass player Aydhn Henry”, which seems to indicate that this band find writing lyrics a challenge.

““Being involved with Karate Kallie was a huge challenge for us because we had to push ourselves into different genres of music we are not used to,” says John.” So basically they had to jump through uncomfortable hoops for money. So the name Staaldraad does have something to do with that rugby thing, after all. Maybe.

“The band believes the Karate Kallie theme song has the potential to be released as a single – although no definite plans are in place for this yet. However, it will be available on digital formats such as the Web for download in the not too distant future.” Digital formats, such as the Web? Anyway, the phrase, “although no definite plans are in place for this yet.” is the clincher, yes, it’s another one of my favorite, talking ourselves into doing this thing kinda press release.

But have no fear because Karate Kallie is, “a true Afrikaans comedy speaking to a broad audience with many “aah” and “ag shame” moments for the romantics, and tons of action to keep everyone else happy.” Presumably those, “ag shame” moments are those when Staaldraad are battling with the, “different genres of music” they “are not used to”.

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