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by Roger Young / 04.09.2009

Boystown, a film about the gayifying and gentrification of a Madrid neighborhood, tries its hardest to be a high camp Almodovar farce but fails precisely because of it’s major strength. It’s plot is simple and obvious, the portrayal of straight people is over the top and stereotypical (and often performed mechanically) in line with any of that oeuvre but the homosexuals in the film are invested with humanity and warmth.

The film concerns a couple of bears, Leo and Rey, who are having difficulties with Rey’s mother, the open nature of their relationship and cash flow, who discover themselves the fulcrum of a murder mystery involving a sadistic parading homophobic real estate agent. Along the way it takes in a fag hag novelist and a multi phobic police detective. While the plot is obvious from the moment these characters begin to interact the interplay of the filmic elements never elevate it above an attempt rather than make it a success.

While Boystown heightens all of the obvious flaws of everyone but the central characters, the plot still sets Leo down a path that seems uncharacteristic, a development that could have almost worked had the pacing been more farcical. Making Leo and Rey hysterical fags would have by no means improved the film either, it is rather because of the lack of heightened cinematic pointers, such as music and production design that it falls short of its desire to be high Spanish farce and lands squarely in the land of misunderstood mimicry.

Out In Africa Festival

JHB Fri 4th / 8.45pm ♥ Tue 8th / 9.15pm ♥ Fri 11th / 7pm
CT Sat 12th / 6.30pm ♥ Tue 15th / 6.15pm ♥ Sat 19th / 8.45pm


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  1. tara says:

    Actually i dont think the estate agent is homophobic so much as not-typically-attractive-and-well-built-aphobic. more than anything else he kills obsessively.

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  2. Roger Young says:

    Correction. Not homophobic, he’s more of a passive agressive homo user than homo fearing. my mistake.

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