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Zef Leopard

Zef Leopard


KIF. So what if it breaks down regularly and guzzles loads of petrol. The oke who drives this would still be cool leaning against it, waiting for the tow truck. You can try react against it, blame Die Antwoord, Jack Parow, Belville, the global rise of zefness, people who work in ad agencies and the legion of hated self-assured, tattoo’d, skinny-skinny jeans wearers for such dialled-in, rampant Camps Bay hipsterism. But really you just wish it was yours.

Single Fin

The vintage single fin surfboard on the front seat just seals the deal. (Although you had us at Zef Leopard).

*Images by Nick Aldridge.

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  1. rx says:

    Rook ‘n tekkie!

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  2. Jason says:

    that triple S is legend!

    and it’s a Japanese car, so no, it never breaks!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Zef Leopard is a local CT clothing brand that recently launched.
    Sweet car.

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  4. ZefLeopardLover says:

    zefleopard.com, it’ll rock your socks off, and also those of the lady-friend you’re aiming for this holiday.

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  5. Icedoctor says:


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  6. Lizzy says:

    this is an ad for these guys. are they paying you? went to the website, only about 6 different tshirt designs, and not particularly mind-blowing. KAK.

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  7. Lizzy says:

    although the car is beautiful…

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  8. Think before you type shit (kak) says:

    @Lizzy Have you heard of, or can you say: social networking? In the 21st century people share information online, and if something is reviewed or talked about, you get something called publicity. In this case, online publicity occurred on a well-read website. Welcome, let’s have a cheers to some 21st century 101. Marketing is like sex, only losers have to pay for it, and honey, according to me, Zef Leopard hasn’t spent a cent and won’t need to. If people like it, its publicity will grow, just like their range of clothing. Support it, and you might be a part of it.

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  9. Andy says:

    Nought Lizzy – we didn’t know there was t-shirt brand. And kudos to them. It just kind of rocks. And we thought it was an expression of some hipster’s personal steez.

    But if that ou doesn’t surf that single fin – and it’s just in the car as a prop… he’s a wanker and I will steal it

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  10. maaliq mitchell says:

    ja i remember wen i felt or saw ZEFNESS for da 1st time, i think i was i da old std 4-1976, we had just moved up from da eastern cape and were stayin in wonderboom-pta, me and my buddies were runnin around playin tok-tokkie, wen we came upon dis day glo purple house we apply named it da perre-purple house, and did we target it for our tok-tokkie and kak-under-news paper stunt, we used to rag it busted, but secretly i admired da owners stand in was way ZEF COOL, obviously in dose days da word was SAFE.

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  11. klomp kak says:

    have to agree with lizzy, i just checked out the zef leopard website, what a load of kak. nothing original in it, just a professionally put together marketing website trying to jump on the zef bandwagon.

    hope you’re not telling porkies andy 😉

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  12. 1111 says:

    @ lizzy and klomp kak, why dont you guys hook up and get laid?

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  13. klomp kak says:

    @ 1111 – good idea, much more satisfying than arguing with muppets like yourself or browsing another online t-shirt catalogue.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    yeah, the designs are boring and crap.
    they paid for gold embossing, whatever thats worth.
    definitely band wagon material here.

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  15. **Anna** says:

    what are you all on about?
    i have one, and it is pretty cool, love the fit too
    come on people!
    oh and btw, zef is not a wagon,
    it is a lifestyle, always been, always will.
    @ klomp kak, you should really get laid.

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  16. tiptoe says:

    i want one for everyday of the week, please can you u design one more 😉

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  17. klomp kak says:

    @ Anna – what an original riposte, almost as witty as your t-shirt. Yawn. Whatever.

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  18. **Anna** says:

    @klomp Kak –
    i see u still only jerking off.
    ai ai ai.

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  19. Anonymous says:

    Bunch of idiots commenting! If you don’t know your surfboards or have any surf knowledge then don’t bother commenting. It’s not a single fin it’s a twin fin……by the way that particular board gets well surfed……and it slides like a dream!

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  20. Zef Leopard says:

    Ja. nice of them to write my name on their car.

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  21. Ilouise says:

    God you people, all of you are bloody mindless and I’m of opinion you don’t contribute much to society either. If you can’t respect and individual’s opinion it’s a waste to keep you here… Debate about that, then go jump off the bridge. Doubt if anyone will miss much.

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