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Zakumi se Moer

Zakumi se Moer


KAK! What is this shit? Apparently this is Zakumi, the 14 year old green-maned leopard (WTF?) who will represent the proud, Rainbow nation of South Africa as our Official 2010 World Cup Mascot. The fact that it looks like it was drawn in South Korea or Japan, is perhaps lost on the big brains at SAFA and FIFA who sanctioned this kak. I mean is this ersatz, derivative Manga cartoon schlock the best we could come up with? What happened to the unique influence of African illustrative styles. Could we not have incorporated elements of Ndebele design or San art? What about Dogon artistic traditions. Hell, why not let Conrad Botes, Anton Kannemeyer and the rest of the Stellenbosch school of contemporary South African comic art take a crack at producing an “original”, African maskot, with a ‘K’. Why did we have to embrace some limp two-bit character from Pokemon?

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  1. djf says:

    Damn f*^&ing right, well said! Now here’s our dilemma – if we agree with you that this situation is indeed kak, do we then click the KAK button? Or instead, if we agree do we click KIF because the way you expressed your opinion was cool?

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  2. Oke says:

    I think he’s alright. Its the full-size mascot that you should be slating. How do you get Pikachu on a bus? You poke him on.

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  3. frank says:

    yeah and what do you call a rastafarian proctologist?

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  4. Cloudgazer says:

    Wow, an emo looking mascot that will slit his wrists the moment he loses a game.

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  5. James says:

    It doesnt matter what mascot they went for, people would still complain. If they went with the traditional art then some might have said that it was the obvious boring choice. We love to complain and read about people complaining. Lets get behind the the fifa federation, bafana bafana, lets get behind the country and show the world what a trully great country we live in. Stop this nonsense negative attitude against every small thing.

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  6. Andy says:

    James… this is social commentary. We can’t just pretend everything is OK if we can do better, ne?

    DJF, you raise an interesting dilemma. I think the Kif & Kak buttons must relate to the quality of the story – not the ideas expressed. If you agree that Zakumi is indeed KAK – and you think the piece is well argued and written, then click KIF (totally counter intuitive, I know). IMHO the Kif & Kak buttons should be a quick barometer for the audience’s opinion of the piece, not necessarily the subject matter. However, I’m open to debate

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  7. funk-buddah says:

    i’ve seen the best of Mzansi’s art… n this is not it… well it looks posh n all but thats not the point…
    i personally Know most of the cartoonist from good south african comix books n they feel insulted but the Manga wanna be mascot….
    i said it F#*k THIS BULLS#*t.

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  8. Owen says:

    There were in fact much better characters designed and submitted. It’s not really about the caliber of local talent but more so what FIFA and SAFA will approve – to be safe and ‘democratic’ at that level.

    Like all client in South Africa unfortunately they are what’s holding back the best work.

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  9. Landi says:

    It reminds me of the bafana team

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  10. Hugh says:

    Mascots are never successful, they never really were. Does every international tournament need one? They were invented and made popular by Americans but it just doesn’t translate into other cultures very well. I cringe at the sight of the Natal sharks anatomically perverted mascot. Having a grown man in an ‘animal’ costume run up and down a sports field is insulting to the viewers intellignece. I don’t mind cheerleading and its a good idea to have an icon to drive support but please don’t automatically turn to the default furrie option. African Culture is loud and enthusiastic by nature, why hide it under a Pokemon?

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  11. coda says:

    This post is bullshit. You can’t complain and not offer a solution or better alternative, what’s the point? If you think Zakumi is kak, then give us something better. I’d love to see how creative you think you are.

    I think they’ve done a brilliant job under the circumstances (pointed out by Owen). And the name Zakumi and his age are clever too, if you took a second to appreciate it. (he is actually 15 now, btw)

    James is right, it is our nature as South Africans to complain. Everyone hated the official logo when it launched. Those same people who were so quick to judge are now proudly wearing t-shirts and waving flags around with the logo adorned. Come on…

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  12. Andy says:

    Ag come now Coda… I laid out clearly why I thought Zakumi was kak. If I could draw, I’d take a stab, but I’m a writer so I write. The whole problem is how damn derivative the character is. In South Africa we have our own styles. We have a proud history of design. But none of it has been incorporated into Zakumi. He’s a manga spin off. Rico, the same guy who draws Madam & Eve has done a great job trying to adopt the ugly, ersatz mascot, now that he has to draw him every week. But really, the little FIFA endorsed twerp is such a sell out. So much for “our culture” offering the world some fresh visual material. And thanks for expecting less. You’re doing a great job bringing us down by having such low standards.
    And yes I am sure that between Kronk, Jason Bronkhorst, Daan Du Plessis, Scott Smith, Rico, Anton Kannemeyer, Conrad Botes, Norman Catherine and hundreds of other original South African illustrators out there, we could have done much better than Zakumi

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  13. J3d1 J4k455 says:

    Well said Andy!

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  14. Padda says:

    Zakumi is the worst mascot I’ve seen.

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  15. filmmaker says:

    jesus dude you can bitch!!

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  16. Sam-U says:

    by reading this site it was jst pointed out how ungreatful u really are, i was jst looking at the other mascots from previous years and i gurantee u zakumi is much better. he is basically a great way of telling ppl about south africa’s history: he was born on the 16nth of june. pple lets jst accept what we hve coz its not the world cup is coming bck here any time soon… nd personally i like zakumi he is very cute.

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