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Xplore Sandton

Xplore Sandton



Witness the “Xplorer” who bravely navigates his shiny SUV, with racing slicks, through the mean streets of Johannesburg, discovering the earthly delights of underground parking complexes and the rough potholed streets of Parkhurst. Once, when there was no parking, he even mounted the curb. Kingsley Holgate watch your back!

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  1. James Bondage says:

    No. This is a Dungeons & Dragons reference.

    XP – Experience points. Experience points of “XP” are gained as a character progresses.
    Lore – A class skill. Lore represents the level of mystical and historical knowledge a character possesses.

    You guys are such nerds for getting this wrong.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    MMM, Note the bushes in the background, anyone..?
    The setting of this photo really does make this goes look like a Xplorer!
    I like your idea, but next time, follow him around and take a better pic to make your point clearer.

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  3. Bradley says:

    Yeah this picture really contrasts with your pathetic paragraph,
    Better luck next time!

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  4. James Bondage says:

    I tried to multi-class as a journalist / photographer once. It isn’t the easiest path to follow.

    Rogue / breakdancer works quite well though, with all the dex levels stacking…

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  5. Andy says:

    Yeah the photo kind of blows it… but I assure you, that’s a road traffic island in Fourways

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  6. Andy says:

    And once he got wind we were trying to take a pic he sped off… Those new landies fucken fly!

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  7. the interpreter says:

    I rename thee “ASSHLE-GP”

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  8. James Bondage says:

    I hate Joburg. So so much.

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  9. Hankie Pankie says:

    “discovering the earthly delights of underground parking complexes”
    Mmm, I sure can see all the big, bad buildings and offices in the area!
    Mahala writers should stop concentrating on how UN-cool everyone around them is…

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  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure this guy (or lady) is really losing sleep over being judged by a bunch of smarmy losers.

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