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Wookie Jacket

Wookie Jacket



For some time Adidas have been taking inspiration from the (old) Star Wars movies and making some pretty dope gear. And in this vein they have produced the Adidas Wookie Jacket… a street culture ode to Chewbacca. Which is KIF, if you’re a fanboy, but KAK when you turn it around because of the huge ADIDAS logo on the back. That shit smacks of the Empire… and the Empire was totally anti-Wookie!

Wookie Jacket

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  1. Brett says:

    I don’t dislike Adidas as a brand… but what does it have to do with Star Wars? Jumping on the being-a-nerd-is-cool bandwagon? I saw some epic Star Wars New Era caps, which were cool because they were almost 99% Star Wars branded, but this Adidas range is 95% Adidas 5% Star Wars. It’s dumb. You’re dumb. I’m dumb. Drool.

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  2. Steppin' Wolfe says:

    This is why magazines shouldn’t get in bed with advertisers. The advertisers choke the content flow.

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  3. Rocky says:

    the big logo on the back totally ruins that shit. could’ve been cool if they just coulda kept their shit understated. You can see the big brains going “more logo vee need more logo ja!!” [you got to say that bit with a german accent]

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  4. Brett says:

    Rocky I couldn’t agree more. Adidas is a good, reliable brand, but this whole Star Wars range just upsets me. You don’t see the Rebel Alliance with HUGE Rebel Falcon insignia sticked on the backs of their orange jumpsuits.

    I take Star Wars seriously.

    I KNOW! OOH!

    So I’m going to get this jacket, and a Yoda plush doll, which I will stitch into an old brown canvas backpack, which I WILL STITCH TO THE JACKET OVER THE LOGO YES!

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  5. Weed says:

    With a little modification the back could be kif!

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