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Vintage Vuvuzela

Vintage Vuvuzela



Contrary to popular belief that the Vuvuzela was born in Afrika, Mahala serves fresh and conclusive proof that our beloved Vuvu is actually an instrument of European origin… played mainly by naked white women from London to Chicago. It’s a tradition we at Mahala can live with and we would like to encourage all who blow the Vuvuzela to do so, from now on, naked. In the hope that these mighty horns, vibrating along with the sight of thousands of African wobbly bits will help Bafana to crush the imperialist French team with a 7-nil drubbing later this afternoon. Viva Bafana viva!

*Image valiantly dug out of the archive by Petra Mason.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Now you coming up with lies. I was waiting for this…it was only a matter of time. Vuvuzela is African and nothing will change that!

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  2. Lorena Bobbit says:

    @ anonymous – It’s called a sense of humour. Get one.

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  3. vuvu lady says:

    hey, i have one of these vintage vuvuzelas tattooed on me. i hadn’t even made the connection until an irate englishman pointed it out, shortly after sharing his disdain for this wonderful instrument. who do i email a pic to?

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  4. Andy says:

    andy@mahala.co.za – send it send it quick

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