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Tokoloshe Salt

Tokoloshe Salt


KIF. Because we all know that salty tokoloshes are much, much tastier. We can’t tell what’s more kif, the fact that a product like Tokoloshe Salt exists, or the fact that a a dude called “Sanjay” makes it.

Funny aside for those who spent time in die mag it kinda looks like “blue stone”. Maybe it’s salt to tame your inner tokoloshe…

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  1. Tasha says:

    How do I get the salt in the uk, Leicester.

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  2. Pauline says:

    Where can l find tokoloshi salt in cape town south africa

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  3. Wandile Paul says:

    Lite kem pharmacy in Darling street Cape town . opp Texies

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  4. cbonniso says:

    does it really work? how does it work?

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  5. magda says:

    the light brown salt you can use for what

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  6. […] Kif or Kak: Tokoloshe Salt (Mahala) […]

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Where in gauteng can i find it?

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Good day

    I just wanted to ask ,please can you briefly explain for how this tokoloshe salt works.cause i bought it today but there are no instruction.

    sincerly mathias.

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  9. Mabel says:

    How long it take to see changes,because I used it but I’m suffering,tokoloshi still bothering me,and which colour can it work perfect,please I really need help,I’m in trouble with tokoloshi.

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  10. vido says:

    bendi thenge ityiwa katikoloshe epinky iyasebenza ngendlela emangalisayo ndiyabulela andiphinde ndohlukane nayo enkosi

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  11. lawrence says:

    where can l find this salt l stay in milnerton

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  12. Anonymous says:


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  13. siphokuhle says:

    help me i need this salt coz am the one who is the victim of witchcraft so where do i get this salt in joburg ??

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  14. Rugare says:

    Where can I find this salt I leave in Canada

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  15. yoo~niss says:

    i did oder mine from South Africa. some bought it for me and send it to me

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  16. unknown says:

    Guys . . . if anyone ris affected or knows someone who is affected by evil , please see an Imam at ANY mosque .. if you are troubled by tokoloshe , Jinn or witchcraft go to a Mosque immediately , there will be no cost and no sales involved .. People at mosques Know very well how to deal against the unseen , dont pay anybody for such services.. i have seen people cured from witch-craft not spending a cent . . I will say it once again , take the afflicted person to a mosque , its safe and free.. No righteous person would expect an affected person to pay as they know exactly how terrible it is to go through such things

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  17. Anonymous says:

    What a load of nonsense. One would think people have past the age of believing in fairytales.
    Lack of IQ perhaps.

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  18. Anonymous says:

    Where can l get tokolosh. Salt in Uk Herts. I’m desperate for this’s product

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  19. Antonella says:

    Wat is a mosque

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