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KIF. Artist Ayanda Mabulu continues to kick us where it hurts. As he said in a recent Times piece: “Even Mandela himself surely is not proud of what is happening, in the money I have painted half of his face as a greedy vampire to showcase the capitalists hidden behind the facade.”

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  1. Cinekal Dlamini says:

    Yeah, im sorry but since when do you put the same guy on EVERY SINGLE NOTE, unless you are stupid and desperate and you think peeps are gonna go like, oh yeah, madiba, thats why we are happy to let ourselves be screwed!!!

    Other perspective: What did Mandela really do for SA? Money for those who got it! Suffering for those who dont! Eish! Eish! Eish!

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  2. Dr Zivangu says:

    @ Cinekal Well I belive in the UK the Queen is on every single note. I rate it shouldn’t be a big issue that his face is on the note. As long as you can by some 2 min noodles with it, its all good in the hood.

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  3. Oliver says:

    I don’t like the idea that the artist immediately use “capitalists” and g”reedy vampires” in the same sentence – as if they belong together. If only our leaders were capitalist things would be ok. Capitalism assumes they’ll get a fair wage for a days work, not a coal mine for being vaguely related to someone in parliament. The problem is racketeering, theft and corruption, not capitalism.

    I think these bank notes are nice – it’s good to have an iconic leader on the bank notes. What makes bank notes respectable however is not the face on the piece of paper but the rather the purchasing power of that particular currency or the well being of the economy that accepts it as legal tender.

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  4. Noxee says:

    Oliver, since when was capitalism about ‘a fair wage for a day’s work’? Not since the industrial revolution, last time I checked. “A fair wage” is the main point of SOCIALISM: you’ve got the wrong system. Capitalism is about maximising profit for stakeholders, irrespective of the non-monetary or human cost. Aka “i’ll pay you as little as i can get away with’. Nothing to do with a ‘fair wage’ at all!

    The point is that the State is the one who is supposed to make sure that big capital doesn’t get away with paying people peanuts while the cost of living rises. The State is the one who is supposed to make sure that the ‘fair wage for a decent day’s work’ is paid, and that said ‘fair wage’ actually allows a person to live with dignity and health and, who knows, even a little fun now and then. Corruption as you correctly point out is when the state takes kick backs from the capitalists to turn a blind eye, instead of counter-balancing profit-maximising practices which screw the dude at the bottom.

    Kudos to Ayanda for saying it as it is: state and profit-maximizers are in bed together and the little guy is the one who pays. In Randelas.

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  5. Sista says:

    That money can be better spent on our brothers and sisters living in poverty, instead of changing money and street names, change lives!!

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  6. Jeffrey says:

    Amen Sista!!!

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