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The Gangs of Bank City

The Gangs of Bank City



Downtown JHB has a tough reputation, and graffiti gangs honour that with bad ass names like the FUKKREW. Here they lay claim to some prime real estate across the road from ABSA HQ.

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  1. Joeg says:

    FUK in this instance stands for ‘Fucked Up Kids’ and is represented by some of the best writers and artists in the country. They are not the cats writing for fucking sprite and DC, but they are talented, dedicated artists nonetheless. The so called ‘gang’ is a bunch of kids who werent that into cricket but always took an interest in politics, so they decided to write the most expressive word they could think of and hit the corporate world with the very word which embodies the entire ethos of the capitalist system. I bet you ABSA will feel nothing when they ‘Fuck’ you with high interest rates and bank charges and tempt you with bullshit loans. In fact, that is their business is it not? Hold your soul tight because the bank is the fucking god of the new world. I bet the boss-cock at ABSA whispered the word ‘FUCK’ as he walked into work that morning and saw that some ignorant gang-banger had peed on his front door.

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  2. RiaanP says:

    I really like great looking graffiti. The skills that go into making something beautiful from spray cans boggles my mind.

    I can’t stand tagging though. It’s senseless and pointless.

    You are proclaiming that you are the man, but you don’t actually stick around to get a pat on the back from people saying “yes, you sir, are the man.”. And aren’t other people supposed to blow your horn, instead of blowing it yourself? There’s a guy/girl calling him/herself Taps. Oh how I have wished that I could have caught him in the act of tagging… i would probably have tagged the inside of his colon through his backside.

    Don’t leave a stupid scribble or some template sprayed text… Make something beautiful !

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  3. Andy says:

    Thanks for the context there Joeg. Now if only FUKKREW would spray longer messages

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  4. RiaanP says:

    @Andy Agreed! If they are “best writers and artists in the country”, then surely they could muster something inspirational or even insulting. 🙂

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  5. Anonymous says:

    You are missing the whole point of FUKKREW…
    Maybe do some research..?

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  6. RiaanP says:

    @Anonymous As mentioned in my initial comment, I dislike tagging and people who tag. So I won’t go through the effort of researching. Maybe if they tagged a URL I’d be tempted. 😉

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Riaan ol’ chap, if you did the tiniest bit of research on FUKKREW and the work they do, you would feel like a turd about your previous comment…

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  8. Bear says:

    Agreed Anonymous! @RiaanP do you have any idea how pathetic and unappropriated your comment is?

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  9. RiaanP says:

    All I see is a tag on a wall. Please tell me you see something else? Nothing nice to look at. No message. No point being made. 7 letters.

    That’s the point that I am trying to make, gents. To you, Bear and Anon, it must mean the world… but to me, and everyone else who does not know who they are or what they do. It’s a tag. Period. There’s no message behind it to inform or inspire.

    I never questioned any ones motives or dissed the work they do. From the start I condemned the act. I even mentioned that I do appreciate great graffiti. I bet that when I read whatever it is they do, I’ll think better of them. I still condemn the act though.

    Be so kind as to blow their horn and give me a link. I tried Googling fukkrew, but all I get is a link to Mahala…

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  10. Bear says:

    Did you GOOGLE fukkrew?
    hahahahahahaha, i just pissed myself!
    I think even less of you now…

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  11. RiaanP says:

    Yes, I googled it. Have you heard of google? It’s this really incredible technology company that indexes the internet. This helps you to find information quickly and easily, you know, for when researching stuff. You should try it some time!

    Your comments are about as helpful as that tag, Bear. I’ve said I know nothing about it and asked you to enlighten me (and the next person who stumbles across this). I’m starting to doubt your perception skills… Thanks for not shedding ANY light on the subject.

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  12. JD says:

    It’s lame… Don’t care who they are, looks lame

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  13. Davide says:

    Hey @Anon and @Bear I’m in London and I just googled FUKKREW, guess what.. the first 5 hits where Mahala of which the top hit was this article then the sixth was some random Myspace and then a plethora of nonsense threads. This shows you how that tag on the wall is and always will be just 7 letters to the meaning of nothing but a few and if their URL was properly tagged even I up here could have quickly been brought up to speed on these cats and I could have joined you in dissing @RiaanP perhaps.

    But no,

    gathering from your level of belittling conversation with @RiaanP I presume you still think tagging as the most anti establishment thing to do.
    Instead of pissing yourself why don’t you enlighten us and tell us who the fuck is FUKKREW?

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  14. RiaanP says:

    @Davide This doesn’t say too much about the following of fukkkrew who are supposedly “some of the best writers and artists in the country”.. sigh. I have to admit, they had my interest piqued… but then it fell flat. Oh well, on to the next article.

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  15. zero47 says:

    i do not think their works are meant for the internet and if you really want to see the amount of work they have put in then keep your eyes wide open when in the streets of JHB or CT…

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  16. My opinion, leave it if you will. says:

    Whatevs. I say it’s kak.

    Making a statement are we?
    Would that not constitute some form of target market, i.e. the public?
    Or is it only meant for “the fucked up kids’ who can giggle and scorn amongst each other as they say “Hey Paul*, did you see the tag i did opposite absa?”

    When in reality, a lot more could be said in a better way, rather than a silly and angsty abbreviated “gang”
    A statement.
    And by doing so for the PUBLIC to notice and actually GET and UNDERSTAND THE MESSAGE trying to be said. Well that’s my opinion, maybe we’re not underground enough, but the only reason to do this would be to make a statement or construct some form of identity, and being affiliated with FUKKREW would obvs mean that there are certain things you stand for, thus turning to public spaces in order to “vent” your values.

    All i see is the the abbreviation and nothing more.
    nothing more than a bored high school kid or some rich kids trying to be badass and highly conceptual. fail.

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