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Salt River

The Factory


KAK. Russian Spy styled apartments that are actually as big as prison cells in the Gulag. The Andy Warhol reference is accidental though, it’s called The Factory because it’s in the middle of Lower Salt River factory district, not a tree lined street as the picture on the website suggests. If the photo of the tenants is interpreted correctly, this place is designed entirely for ex-House Of Rasputin (RIP) employees who are hoping for minor villian roles in the new Bond movie.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ha ha ha! I walk past this sign almost everyday.

    It’s in Observatory though, not Salt River.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Max Barashenkov
    So my good buddy Josh Watson runs the Royal Vendetta blog and is currently doing quite a sexy series on pornstars. Gonna give myself credit and say that I found this one – http://www.royalvendetta.co.za/blog/slut-of-the-week-3
    SLUT OF THE WEEK #3 « Royal Vendetta
    All I can really tell you is that she goes by the name Emma Mae and is quite possibly the most attractive pornstar I’ve ever seen.
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    Josh Watson Haha I’m struggling to find a girl that can top her hotness. A good find.
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    Max Barashenkov check your inbox biatch 🙂
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    Christy Watson yeah Shenky she’s hot. so is Jessie Lee – tell josh weasel
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