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South African GPS

South African GPS

by Petra Mason / 02.06.2011

KIF. “No direction home”. This gives a whole new meaning to the old Bob Dylan line.

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  1. pauly says:

    Shack chic creative and eyecatching

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Nothing new in the new South Africa. Everything is collapsing.

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  3. Andy says:

    what a load of crap from anonymous

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  4. Mufasa says:

    Having lived in Africa for only 68 years i think that Andy is talking a load of crap That dumb shit should come to Africa and see it first hand

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  5. biko says:

    w knw hw t mk sht witout mani..viva afrika!!!!

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  6. African says:

    Africa is a shit whole… congrats to the fucknuts who steal the boards to make a shitty house coz they cant go and apply for free house… oh wait… the ANC is out of houses :/ hmmm… they dumb they should go get job like ANC promised! ahh… no jobs left… hmmm… they should kill themselfs and stop worrying coz acourding to the ANC they go to heaven for just Voting ANC 😀 i think thats a good game! Viva new south africa, Mandela the mass murderer is my hero, what a true simbol of piece. ANC wont tell you, but they move black supporters including nigerians/zimbabweans to stratigic places to vote ANC, coz voting ANC = free passport/house/job/medical aid… WOW gogo SA!

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