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Solo Shot

Solo Shot


KAK. If you ever had any doubt that surfers are self-obsessed narcissistic wankers, look no further than the Solo Shot. A camera that films you while you surf, alone. What’s next? Releasing your own wank tapes on the internet, obvs!

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  1. Dan says:

    This is amazing. Im getting one! Only problem is it will disappear off our beaches before you have even hit the water.

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  2. Alain says:

    shweeet 🙂 not every surfer has access to a film crew. I think it’s decent

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  3. thomas says:

    Pretty cool little thing though…

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  4. Rickus says:

    And GoPro’s? Everyone who uses one of those must be a dick too.
    Are you struggling for content?

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  5. Jaco says:

    Whats funny is that I can’t amagine many beaches in the world where the camera will still be there when said surfer comes in from surf.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Um you don’t think this would be a great tool to see where you’re messing up while learning. Why you’re bogging a rail or lost all your speed. instead of trying to get someone to film someone else for hours with a camera, just set one up and leave someone by it, then take a look after at what you could be doing better?

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  7. Anonymous says:

    surfers are dicks anyways, who cares?

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  8. anonymous says:

    Looks like a rad idea… only problems I see are the steady flow of the camera, sensors, and the amount of tape you burn having it on the whole time… Who the hell cares… I guess its good if you have no other options, but then again,… wheres the quality and the love of an epic shot when you leave it all up to chance and technology?

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  9. Ride Carver Skateboards says:

    They are available from Soloshot SA

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  10. Anonymous says:

    U r a dickhead!!!

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