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Shaft Sinkers

Shaft Sinkers



Seriously, only in Joburg could you get away with giving your mining company such a sexually suggestive name. But in a way it’s kind of unintentionally KIF, or ironic, when you consider how mining violates the natural environment. So it might be KIF. But then you can just imagine the okes at their golf day with their Shaft Sinkers shirts, grinning madly from ear to ear and it’s KAK all over again.

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  1. doitymind says:

    if u skwint carefully the arrow looks like an erect dick & two bollox

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  2. David Steynberg says:

    Actually, Doitymind, you’re absolutely correct. One wonders if the logo illustrator’s mind was in the gutter and when he presented it to the CEO the poor big shot didn’t get the joke? Which is in fact on him now.

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  3. maJali says:

    no the dodgy CEO knew.
    and he liked it!

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  4. Someone says:

    Nou praat julle KAK!!!!

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  5. Someone else says:


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  6. Anonymous says:

    I can assure you that the employees are earning bigger salaries than one of you ever would.
    Why not do some research on how this “penis” company has shown substantial financial growth, the fact that it got listed on London Stock Exchange last year or that it was rated the biggest privately owned company in SA some 2years ago.

    Violates the natural environment?? LOL! Where the fuck have you been for the last century? Check , in specific, the “penis” company health and safety record

    Your intelligence levels are sickening! NIMFOS!

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  7. Anonymous says:

    That is nothing you must see some of the fuckheads that work there !!! Some of them do not even know how an fucking mine looks like. but they want to run it. One oke say we must look at where they are well ok I will this fuck head did not see the the Lodon Stock Exchange today !!!! they drop from about 186 to 56 GPX now that is an good company.

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