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Sea Monkeys

Sea Monkeys



Here’s a spot of nostalgia for you. Collecting and growing micro-larvae as pets was a particularly South African prep school fad back in the 80s. Sea Monkeys were conceived in the 1960s as a “biological novelty” and are really nothing more than a unique species of brine shrimp. They can supposedly live for up to two years in their little plastic prisons, but most kids tend to drink, destroy or torture them long before they expire of “natural causes”. You can still order them here.

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  1. Bunny Gatsby says:

    Heh. Years after these ads had been the bane of my childhood yearning (and utterly outta reach by virtue of international isolation) they finally became available in Azania. So, to fulfill the unconsummated urge, I, like some mindless muppet, bought some.

    Popped them into their underwater palace. Waited.

    Three days later, tiny brine shrimp zipped around a murky soup, enlarged in tiny magnifying windows. I knew they weren’t going to be lounging around, sipping cocktails and reading the Brine Daily, but still – cue the strings – it was Let Down Central. After two weeks or so, they all died, following a regrettable succession of pet fish to a watery grave.

    Some things are best left yearned for. I guess there are a whole generation who knew these ads, among others, intimately from the back of Archie and Richie Rich comics. I guess there are a whole bunch of hipster lighties that have no idea what the hell those are.

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  2. Happiness is: says:

    Watching fish eat them.

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  3. Xana says:

    LOL! Being from the new generation, South Park introduced me to the sea people. According to Cartman, you can mix them with semen and create a real tiny civilization.

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  4. Mick says:

    Hahahahahaha -trust Cartman..

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