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Rebel Biker Golf Punk

Rebel Biker Golf Punk


KIF. Owning an over-powered, customised hell hog, spray painted camouflage with a big German iron cross on it! KAK. Naming it after a golf club.

Big Bertha

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  1. mega-douche says:

    Howitzer on earth did you come to the conclusion that Big Bertha was a nod to a golf club? PS: Enjoying the majesty and iconography of German military is not automatically nazi y’know. That bike is righteous! and kinda kif!

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  2. Anonymous says:


    Just cause it’s all you know doesn’t mean it’s all there is.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    this man likes camo, germany and war.
    fuck the german tank, he’s into golf, clearly.

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  4. Andy says:

    ha ha… which is the more contemporary reference. I saw the bike and thought hmmm golf clubs. The meaning has changed thanks to golf’s popularity and consumerism therefore creating interesting and absurd relationships… I can’t believe I had to explain that to some nameless troll

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  5. mega-douche says:

    oh, right! Kinda like a car called Touareg or Cherokee… eventually the words become entirely associated to the products, forgetting the original thing..

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  6. gene deurgang says:

    Andy, you’re losing this one. No point in arguing further.

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  7. Andy says:

    I stopped long ago… maybe you guys are more into war references than me… and maybe I spend too much time on golf courses

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  8. Wiki Wiki says:

    The Indian name Anindya (meaning “one who cannot be criticised”) is also sometimes shortened to Andy

    Now thats a hoot

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  9. Andy says:

    someone dared to criticise me! When?

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  10. C Moon says:

    I thought ‘Big Bertha’ was a bloody great bomb…

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